Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bling bling

I am so lucky.

I have lovely friends who send me wee surprises in the mail.

Last week I got a special swap surprise from a very talented uber-crafty online friend. I made her some dishcloths and she was sending me a surprise in return. And this is what I got....

A set of very funky stitch markers

AND one of her 'signature' necklaces.
This is a really clever design where she knots beads inside funky fabric. I love this and can't wait to wear it 'properly'.

Here is my new WIP using my new gorgeous markers.

Can you guess what I am making?


And then, if I hadn't already had the best surprise mail EVER , ANOTHER package arrives. I am very blessed!

The lovely Neak read my post about my children running away with my bling so she sent me some more. What a sweetie!! She sent me another couple of stitch markers ( I now have tons and they should last me for ages, even once the others recruit babyM for the war against my knitting and it's 3 against 1) AND a gorgeous row counting bracelet. This is one very cool piece of knitting bling/accessory!


It works like an old fashioned abacus and you move the beads along at the end of the row to keep count. I am using it for the WIP I showed you above ...I just have to remember to move the bead lol. It is very cool. Thank you Neak.

Here I am up to row#13...


Anonymous said...

YAY glad to see teh row counter is coming in handy already :D :D

Michaela said...

Cute! I love jewelry. I'm still figuring out how to knit some.