Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Who knew...

Who knew bees would be so popular.

I winged it, made it up as I went and wasn't really planning on blogging it. But I was asked for the 'pattern' so I did. And then because I already had a designers page (for the hat pattern) I put the bees on Ravelry.

And now, 2 weeks later...

They are my most favourited project (is favourited a word???)
The pattern itself has been favourited more than 40! times
Its my most viewed blog entry
And every day someone googles 'knit a toy bee' and gets the page


I guess it's not just me that's a sucker for small and cute.

Ps . still no camera. i have checked laptop bag :) and no piles of washing in laundry (but I did check dryer and its not in there)


Susan said...

Bees, did you say bees? I love bees, have to go look at the bees.
Back now, they're in my queue. Thank you so much for the bees!

Michaela said...

It's because they're so darn cute!! I've got my pattern all printed up and ready to go.

Bummer about the camera still. Maybe I should loose mine too for an excuse to get a nicer one. Hmm...