Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some finished things

I couldn't help myself and CO with the Aspire almost immediately. Its lovely and soft, nice to knit with and I'm really pleased with these small longies I made for a friend expecting later this year.
They are the matching pants pattern from the Cleckheaton 948 book. I lengthened the rise and added some short rows so hopefully they will make nice little longies for her. I was hoping I would have enough for a matching hat or bootees but I don't have much left out of 100g.

It's very difficult to get a good picture of the colour but this is close. Its a little brighter and more purple in real life. Very nice and I think I will buy again. There is a chunky version coming out soon too which I was thinking might be good for a "me" project

I also have finished the knitting part of my fish mobile.

I just need to string them together and find some suitable beads for the inbetween just imagine them lined up like so and hanging up

This is a pattern from Zoe Mellors Knitted Toys book. I altered the tails so that I could knit them all in one piece (and save me a little bit of seaming). I also put a bell in one :) Louise at TwentyCentMixture made one of these here. Unfortunately I didnt remember what she said about embroidering on the eyes so mine will be eyeless too lol. The fish don't take long to do but are a bit fiddly to finish. The pattern is actually a chart which I didnt find too bad as I am used to knitting off intarsia charts. Very cute. And fabulous for little leftovers (wish I had some yellow or orange leftovers, I don't love the white one)

As for my WIPs I'm working on something for my auntie (and I'm not sure if she pops in here or not but just in case I wont go into details. If you are nosey you can see what I'm doing on my Ravelry page). Also decided to do something else for M7mth in the Jet since the shrug ended up in the frogpond. I got some 4.5mm and some 5.5mm needles last week at the Op shop so now I have every conceivable needle size to get the right gauge this time!! At the moment it is the Ribbed Jacket from Special Knits but if I can't get the tension right I will look for something else (sigh). So that is still in the swatching stage of things (the oh so fun part...not).

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wow love the love you used on those longies!!!!