Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I'm feeling a little stressed. I can't find my camera. Anywhere. And I have looked. Everywhere.

The camera is not hiding;
under the beds,under the couch cushions, in my handbag knitting bag or nappy bag, behind the couch, out the window, in the toy boxes, in the nappy basket, outside, in the cupboard, drawers, dishwasher or oven (yes I was getting desperate). There must be somewhere obvious I have missed .....any suggestions?

I fear the worst as I havent seen it since Monday and yesterday was rubbish day. I have visions of N2 "putting it away" in the bin.

Luckily I downloaded the full memory card at the beginning of Feb so its only 5 weeks worth of photos, and all the good kids ones I've already put on my laptop and online. Ditto with all my knitting ones. However I still feel sick to my stomach thinking it might have been trashed. Photos are all you have when the moment is gone. Instant memories. I am very precious about photos and the loss of my camera is not something I want to contemplate.

So no photos from me today.

I finished my auntie's present today. It has come up very nice and it fits me nicely so hopefully the size is OK. The wool I chose is Cleckheaton Country Silk so it has a little bit of heathering in it. I really wanted to do something cabled so I purposefully chose something with bigger cables that wouldn't disappear with the flecked wool. I think I chose a good pattern although it seemed to take FOREVER to finish it. Less than 100g of wool but it was slow going. I think it was the ribbing pattern, and because I am an english style knitter this takes longer. I really should learn how to purl continental or norwegian style then I wouldn't have to throw the yarn before every stitch. I am really happy with that FO , just a pity I can't put a pic on Ravelry to show you :(

Anyway this would be boring without at least one pic so here is a photo my Mum took

Clearly the cat wanted some of the camera action too. Isn't she gorgeous? Mum swears she just lay down there herself and it wasn't staged. Mum's knitting that top for my 12yo sister and that's her WIP photo for Ravelry.

Mum joined Ravelry after hearing me extolling its many wonderful virtues. She taught me how to knit when I was young and then, a few years ago, very kindly let me raid her yarn and pattern stash which got me well and truly addicted . For my birthday this year Mum got me a subscription to a knitting magazine but only her and I appreciate what a neat gift that was. We now chat on the phone about WIPS and yarns and Ravelry. She also sends me gifts of yarn since I am so LYS deprived.

Its nice to share your hobby with someone who 'gets' it. Sadly DH doesn't.

My Nana was also a knitter so the craft is something that has been passed down the generations. I hope one day to pass the skill on to one, if not all, of my daughters too. I read this story on the YarnHarlots blog and I had a flash forward moment of me having 3 teenage girls and packing their bags in the same way.

Hope so anyway :)


Diane said...

Oh no! I hope you find your camera. You didn't mention laundry, so that's my suggestion. Maybe it's the laundry area, or in a pocket in the laundry area (not sure how big your camera is). Good luck!

Michaela said...

That sucks! It's easy to feel so lost without your camera! I have a crappy one and I still freak out if I can't find it. (Which is usually in my laptop bag.)

Michaela said...

P.S. That's so cool you and your mom can talk about knitting! I have to talk to my husband and pretend not to see his eyes glaze over!

sue said...

Nice color for the top. You didnt leave the camera in the car did you, or perhaps a jacket pocket.