Sunday, March 2, 2008

"How to" Tuesday

I've decided I'm going to pretend I am a real knitting blog and do a regular 'thing' - indulge me if you will. First it was going to be WIP Wednesday but then I decided that might get a bit tiresome seeing half finished projects every single week, so I settled upon "How to" Tuesday.

Basically it means every Tues (or thereabouts) I'm going to post a 'how to'.

Now....don't worry I will not be inflicting you with my own explanations or my own photo tutorials of how to do things.
For several reasons including
a. I don't always explain things very well, just ask my Mum about the 45min conversation we had during the weekend where I 'helped' her get her flickr account working and her photos up on Ravelry
b. If you haven't already noticed my camera doesn't always take the greatest photos and when I use the macro function it usually ends up looking like I took the photo at midnight in a dark room
c. I am no expert. I am always expanding my knitting skills repertoire and while I know some stuff well there is still a lot for me to learn
d. Everything I do know how to do, I learnt either from someone else or by looking up on the internet - therefore if I know someone has already written a perfect explanation of something why reinvent the wheel! Plus if I give you the link they get the credit and the site traffic :)

So the 'how to' will consist of a bit of an intro from me and then some great links you can go to if you want to find out more.

If you are an 'advanced' knitter there is probably not going to be anything new for you so feel free to write this off as a waste of time. I do know some of my forum friends who are new to knitting might check in here occasionally and I hope they find some of the information helpful. I also realise if you have a computer and can google, you are more than capable of finding good links yourself (go for it!!) but sometimes you simply "don't know what you don't know". If you don't know what something is called or know the terms to look for or simply don't know there are alternatives then that's not going to help you much.

One of the great things about subscribing to *ahem* alot of knitting and crafting blogs is that every now and then amongst all the FO and WIP posts someone takes the time to explain how they do something and you think OMG HOW did I not know how to do that???!!! Don't worry, I will be sharing those kind of posts.

So hopefully 'how to ' tuesday will spread the knitting love, help some new knitters and maybe you will find some great new blogs and knitting sites to add to your reader in the process :)

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Anonymous said...

I think it sounds like a great idea!