Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Tuesday : Joining in new yarn

It's actually Wednesday here ....blame the long weekend ;) for me forgetting what day of the week it is

When I first learnt to knit I would always just tie a knot between old and new balls of yarn and carry on knitting. Its not elegant but it does the trick and I've never had any unravelling issues and as long as the knot is tight and pulled to the back, usually you can't tell.

Then I learnt it's better to do this at the beginning of a new row so that any knots are hidden in the seams. This is quite a bit tidier but probably isn't going to be the best if you are running out of yarn.

But what happens if you are knitting in the round and there are no end of rows and seams to hide your knot in? Or like my current (worked all in one piece) WIP the ends of rows are the sleeve edges and definitely not the right place for a yarn join? Scarves are the same. Or if you are knitting socks and a knot anywhere is going to be disastrous?


Two great posts explaining better ways to join in new yarn.

The first is from fabulous TechKnitter. This is a post covering yarn of the same colour and explains felted joins, overlapping joins and a neat trick for seaming. Go here.

The second is from Knit Picks and covers joining in different colour yarn by russian joins, felting, duplicate stitch, double knit in and weavers knot. Nice illustrations that make it really clear what to do. Go here.

Happy Knitting! (and joining)


Anonymous said...

Techknitter - she's a knitting goddess isn't she!

sweetp said...

Lol yes she is!