Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope you had a nice Easter. We had visitors so it has been very busy but nice to have a distraction from sorting and cleaning. Lots of chocolate too.

We took our girls to our beach for one last swim before we move, and before it gets autumn and not late summer in these parts. Unfortunately we had a very close call with our N2 almost drowning. She is fine but DH and I are very shaken. Please, if you have small children near water, be vigilant, never take your eyes off them. We were both standing *right there* and happens so quickly.

I have been madly knitting to distract myself from the 'what might have been' vrittis and have almost finished the ribbed baby jacket for baby M. At the moment it is sans the ribbing which I anticipate will not be very much fun. Once again I think to myself I really should learn how to purl that other way.


I have really no idea how I came to cast on for the jacket considering I have a list of to do knitting a mile long. I really should be doing part 2 of my aunties birthday gift but I seem to have an attack of 2nd sock syndrome on that one and so in a panic of I must knit but just not that , I swatched for the jacket, remembered how nice the Jet is to knit with and viola! Procrastination knitting at its best. I console myself by thinking she will definitely need to wear something like this when we move south.


Moving to colder pastures has also lead me to *finally* deciding what I want to knit for ME! I have been eyeing up some of the shrug patterns on Ravelry but then I think, am I really a shrug person?? Then thought maybe something lacy? But then I decided since I spend most of my time in jeans I would go for...

The Central Park Hoodie

I know. It's almost a cliche. But I figure with so many people having done it before and there being a KAL blog and a Ravelry group if I get stuck there is plenty of help out there. I'm a little bit nervous since I haven't knitted a 'proper' adult size sweater before but to stop myself spending many more countless hours on the internet looking at patterns, FO's and yarns I bought the pattern and ordered some yarn. Decision has been made. I'm going to make it in Bendigo Mills Rustic 12ply Red Tweed.

If knitting big things agrees with me I might do the runner ups.... either Tilted Duster or Coraline next.


Sonia said...

Hey, I'm all for procrastination knitting! This is supposed to be a fun and relaxing past time, so why do we pressure ourselves to only knit certain things, or create self imposed deadlines? I do the same thing, though!
The baby sweater is looking like it will be very cute. Glad everyone is okay after your trip to the beach--what a scare.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! What a scare! You deserve a bit of procrastination knitting just to get over that. And the CPH is a classic knit. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

ekkkkkkkkkkk hun (bighug) glad to hear that N is ok now. Its freaky!!! mister S ran full steam into the sea one day bowled by a wave right next to me frighten the s*** out of me

Kate Schmidt said...

If *I* can knit the CPH, you can. :)

Anonymous said...

Is that quite easy to knit (the ribbed jacket) thats on my too do list, infact I have to do two lol one for the new baby and one for Aston.

sweetp said...

Nat, yip really easy. Its all in one piece. I anticipate picking up the stitches for the ribbing and doing that will be the least fun part. But none of it is hard. Go for it!

Michaela said...

I'm so sorry about your close call! That's so scary! My BF's 2-year-old fell in our hot tub this past August and it scared us all so bad. It's an awful feeling!

As for procrastination knitting, that's about all I do. I prefer to call it "knitting what I actually want to." I'm glad you're graduating to adult-size clothes though! Not as instantly gratifying, but well worth it. I love the titled duster!