Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dyeing to Dye

Last night I spent the evening playing with wool, some cotton teeshirts and some Dylon cold water dye.

I've decided I am much better at dyeing teeshirts than I am at dyeing wool. The tshirts are great, really really pleased how they turned out. Will probably keep a couple for gifts, and the rest are for SweetP (to sell) - undecided whether I will do matching soakers or not (which is my usual)

The wool is the plain hanks from The Tin Shed - 8ply. And dyed the same. The wool didnt come out as vibrant. Its nice but I don't think I love it. Sigh. Never mind. I think I will just buy predyed wool from now on, much better colourways than this. Plans? Probably some longies or a soaker for DD3.



Frou Frou Tutus said...

I love those t-shirts :) definitely matching soakers I think.

I found the same thing with the dylon dyes - it wasn't vibrant. I get much better results from cake dyes and I've got my acid dyes here to try to. If you are ever in Auckland come visit me for a dye session :)

Flea :)

sweetp said...

Oh well I am glad its not just me then finding wool&dylon isnt fab. I was hoping to gift a hank of that wool but TBH i dont think its nice enough :( Its fine I guess, just not gorgeous. I wish the wool had come out the same as the cotton because the tshirts look amazing.
And yes. Next trip down!!

The wool on your blog ...I lurk..can't leave comments ;) was that cake dyes?

Frou Frou Tutus said...

yep cake dyes probably - which one??(I have over 35 colours :) )

The shorties were dyed with dylon but only came out pale lavender so I overdyed them with blue and purple cake gels, the pink/orange slippers again cake gel, and the wool for your hat is cake get too :)

I love dyeing wool and it's so much easier now I have a swift :)

sweetp said...

it was the ball of rainbow wool. nice and vibrant. was that what you made the hat in? anyway it was cool!