Monday, March 3, 2008

Buzzy Bees

The mice were a big hit with the DDs.

N2 is what you would probably call a 'late talker' and she doesn't have the hugest vocabulary yet. One of the words she does have is 'bee'. Now, I don't know if she insists on calling the mice 'a bee' because she can say it , or if the stripeyness reminds her of bees or if its the big ears like wings maybe? Anyway, she calls them bees. All the time.

How could I to deny her?


I just had to...


Another weekend spent knitting small stripey objects. By now it will be obvious I have no social life.


She loves them. Awwwww


Louise said...

They are very cute! I reckon they'd make a good mobile - maybe combined with some knitted flowers? Did you use a pattern or just wing it?

sweetp said...

hehe I thought you might say that. They are pretty small so would be perfect.
I made it up as I went but someone on R has asked me for the 'pattern' so I will post later.