Friday, February 29, 2008

Casualties of War

*Apparently* my children are at war with my knitting

*Apparently* the small ones are winning

Case in point


Knitting needle having a holiday in the garden. If you look closely you will also see coasters from the coffee table, a battery and a pen. Looks like the front garden is the place to spend the summer this year!


Beautiful stitch markers made by the lovely Neak. Used to be a full set, obviously. Assuming small beady objects are currently adorning small girls dolls somewhere. Who knew stitch markers are the perfect size for doll jewellery?


Mummy's knitting notebook and what used to be pattern notes for current WIP (you would think that since WIP is actually for said DD she could be a little more considerate. hmpf)

Sadness is


I am particularly bitter about this one because just last week I broke my lovely 3.25mm bamboo needle which was oh so nice to knit with. So since then I have been using horrible blue bendy and short 3.25mm needles (luckily because of my obsession about not knitting with yarn smaller than 8ply I don't use them that often). Now I only have one needle from each set left so my current WIP had to be made with mismatching needles. I used to have this thing when I was a teenager and liked to wear mismatching socks, somehow thinking this was the height of 'cool'. I was young see. For the record I don't think knitting with mismatching needles is fun OR cool. Sigh.

Oh and let's not forget this episode involving yarn, wool winding and daughter.

I admit to having a touch of needle envy when I read post's like this by Doveknits and see all those lovely looking sets. My mismatched cobbled together needle collection has the basics but is none too flash. I secretly dream of having a whole collection of Addis or a Knit Picks set or hang, just a nice set of bamboo needles in every size would do.

However given the current state of play: Small Girls 5 : Knitting 0 I think such acquisitions shall wait.


Michaela said...

I can totally relate to your secret desire to have matching (nice) needles! Especially those Knit Picks Harmony wood needles. How awesome are those?!

One day...

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

I broke my knit picks cable. I've had them for LESS THAN A WEEK. And I don't even have a child to blame. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh man maybe I make them to pretty lol Will see what I can do ;) still have the other item to send up to you to :D