Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wild and Wet Weekend Weather

It's the middle of summer here. We live near the top of NZ where the climate is sub tropical - very muggy and warm all year round. No frosts, no snow but OMG it is SO wet. I swear it rained pretty much every day during winter. It's also very flood prone (joy) and I know I am not the only person up here who gets a bit nervous every time there is a downpour. Mostly it is too hot for woollies at the moment, apart from soakers and shorties that we also use as nappy covers, so when we had a cold snap during the weekend I just had to put M6mth in something wool!
oct 07 015

(Mum look!!.....Long sleeves even!!)

I tried to take her photo next to the window to show the torrential rain outside but my camera's an el-budget one and it just doesnt really show up. Instead I got a cool reflection thing going on instead

oct 07 014

I was commenting on Rachel's blog that the vest is probably one of my all time favourite FO's. I love the colour (goes with everything) -brown&pink is one of my favourite combos (and very fashionable this winter apparently), the wool is merino so nice and soft and the finishing on this is just lovely . Its the perfect thing for our weather - a bit of extra warmth but not too over the top woolly that it won't get worn. I am really looking forward to autumn when it cools a bit so she can wear it more often. It is the Eyelet Vest from Debbie Bliss' Special Knits and I blogged about it here

It was perfect wear for her this weekend as M5 and I went away for the weekend on a Pippins camp (like Girl Scouts for little girls) and we spent a bit of time outside . I was naughty and took this picture while driving over a local bridge - The bridge has become the local 'flood indicator' as it is usually one of the first spots to go under water if we get some serious rain. That's some nasty looking water huh! Luckily the rain stopped the next day and like some kind of miracle by lunchtime the next day the water was back to normal level. Phew

oct 07 019

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