Sunday, February 10, 2008

Felting Fun

I'm finished my Booga Bag -the knitting part of it. All I need to do now is felt it. Which involves (deep breath) throwing beautiful knitting in the machine in hot water. (gulp)
The Vintage Hues has knit up beautifully. It's gorgeously soft. I love the colourway, the purple is devine. Its a 12ply and I am already thinking perhaps I should plan a chunky knit project just so I can use this yarn again.


So this is the first time I have ever (intentionally) felted something. It seems a shame to treat something so lovely like that! Being a little bit nervous I thought I would try and felt a smaller piece of the wool to see how it went first. The Booga Bag pattern recommends Noro and says it may have to go through the wash a couple of times and since I was using a different yarn I thought it best to test it first.

So I made a little felted heart to hang off the bag. I have been reading the MochimochiLand Blog and have been wanting to do one of her patterns for ages. So felted heart seemed the perfect choice, especially with Valentines Day just around the corner.

Here it is before going in the machine

Cute. Took all of 5min. (You make 2, then felt , then stuff&sew.)

And here it is after felting 2x

Now at this point I feel compelled to explain the little yellow ducky in the 1st picture. Well you see it was for context. So I could show how the wool had shrunk after felting. So you could get a sense of size before and after and all that. Little ducky was on the bench when I took pic1 and was a great little size...perfect.
Of course I didnt put him in a 'safe place' and now hes disappeared. Of course. Likely culprit is M5. AKA Little Miss BlackHole. Who is quite adept at removing objects never to be seen again. Usually one shoe or the hairbrush or her school bag or her drink bottle. Usually when we are running late and just about to miss the school bus. Unfortunately her room looks like this


So there was no chance of finding little small ducky the size of my finger in there. Sigh.

N2 may have nabbed small ducky off the bench at some stage as well. She is at the 'disturbing silence' stage where no noise is usually not a good sign. She's suddenly discovered she can pull dining room chairs to bench, fridge, Mum's dressser , glass fronted cabinet etc etc and get whatever she fancies. She may have put it back in the toy basket. Unfortunately it currently looks like this

Can you tell it was a wet weekend and the kids were inside most of the time causing a mess?

Anyway no ducky in there either. Sigh.

But I digress....back to the subject at hand. The wool felted nicely. The bag will probably need to go in a couple of times but I don't think it will felt too fast and I should just be able to turn the machine on and leave it.

As I type its on cycle one.


And yes the lion rattle is put away up high away from little hands ;)

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