Sunday, February 3, 2008

Perfect Pinwheel

Maybe not perfect but I am pretty pleased. I don't really "do" circular knitting so this is a big achievement. I said earlier this was more about the making than anything (since we live in a warm & humid climate). I've blogged my modifications and measurements since I wasn't doing this in the yarn/needles recommended. So yay - its done, its pretty (and pretty good) and it fits N2y and M6mth. Cool huh!! Realistically though, little miss unco-operative is probably not going to wear this (I did manage to nab a pic of her before she pulled it off though) and it will be for M to wear this winter, and the winters to come. I ummmed and aaahed over the ribbing on the sleeves but I am glad I did rib now as it will help to keep it on and it means it looks OK rolled over for M and unrolled for N. I think garter st (like the edging border) would look better but might not be so functional for more than one wearer. it is modelled by my gorgeous girls

N2: wearing it longer style
And bolero/shorter style

The shorter style fits her better as there is more space between the sleeves.

Thats the beauty of this can wear it both ways so should last for ages and get tons of use.

And on M6m ...

Longer style (much nicer fit wise)




And the shorter way which makes a hood on smaller kiddies


And one just so you can be sure of the sizing. Too small for a 5year old lol


Knitcrazy said...

Oh.. I see now the sizes... Great job on the sweater and your children are so sweet!!!


sweetp said...

I posted in the pinwheel group on Ravelry :)