Sunday, February 3, 2008

8ply/DK 4mm Pinwheel: Modifications and Measurements


I'm going to record my modifications for making the pinwheel sweater in DK/8ply on 4mm just in case someone is searching the web wanting to do the same.

Pinwheel Part:

The pattern is aran weight on 5.5mm gauge of 18st&24row/10cm. I used Dk/4mm with a gauge of 20st&28row/10cm

The pattern puts in armholes at 18st each section and you end up with 36st each sleeve.
I put my armholes in at 19st each section and picked up the yo so that I had 40st each sleeve. I used the after heel method for armholes from here. See my post that explains it more. I also picked up a st in between the 2 needles so had 42st each sleeve.

The pattern continues the yo till there are 24st each section then switches to the garter st border. I continued the yo pattern until 30st +yo each section (ie total of 31st each section) then did the garter stitch for a total of 20 rounds (ie 2 whole stripes).

The pattern uses 7 coloured stripes. Because of my extra rounds I have 8 stripes.

I didn't do the loopy edge because a/ it was very fiddly b/ i have a million other things I should be doing c/i think it looks 'finished' without it

Total diameter of pinwheel is 23inches / 58cm

The sleeves have 8rounds then a decr round which is repeated 3x in the pattern. I did the repeat 4x. I did a contrast colour rib - 1 round in the new colour decreasing evenly to 28st then K1P1 rib for 20 rows. I did the decr because I dont have the right 3.25mm needles so the ribbing I did on 4mm DPNs with less st to get the same effect. It looks and fits fine doing it this way. If you have 3.25mm needles the right size you won't need to decr st for the ribbing

My sleeves measure 24cm (the rib is 8cm of this). The pattern has sleeves of 30cm which seemed a bit long to me. My baby wears this with rib rolled over, fits 2yo with rib out.

How much yarn?
I used 3 colours. The yarn doesnt have yardage on the ballband (that's helpful isn't it??) so I will just list approx weights.

Colour 1 (heathery purple/brown)
Stripe 1, stripe 4, stripe 7 - used exactly 50g
Sleeves x2 approx 0.75 of 50g ball
TOTAL USED: 1.75 x 50g balls

Colour 2 (burgandy/brown)
Stripe 2, stripe 5 and stripe 8 - used just a bit over 50g (about 2 or 3 rounds in a new ball)
Ribbing on sleeves 0.5? of a ball
TOTAL USED: 1.5 x 50g balls

Colour 3 (pink)
Stripe 3, stripe 6 - 0.8? of a ball
TOTAL USED: less than a 50g ball

So I could have bought 5 balls of yarn ( as opposed to the pattern which needs 8 balls in 7 colours)


Knitcrazy said...

Love your modifications...
I am going to save them.. What size did your sweater come out??
How about posting this in Group ..Knitting for Ravelry... I 'm sure there are alot of knitters who would love to see how you did it...


Heidi said...

I'm very interested in making this pattern for one (or both) of my kids. Any thoughts on how to modify it for a size 7-10 ish child?

sweetp said...

Wow Heidi you would need to do quite a bit bigger for a 7-10 yr old. You will see my version doesnt fit a 5yold. So I wouldnt recommend doing on Dk/4mm LOL. I would do on bigger needles and thicker wool. Just measure between their shoulders and make sure where you insert the sleeves is the right width across.
My finished pinwheel is 23inches across so you will need considerable more than that. I think you would need quite long circulars too - i finished mine on 80cm but it is hard to see how big it actually is. Other than that just make your sleeves longer. Best of Luck!

Heidi said...

Thanks! I have very long circulars. I just finished knitting a round afghan/throw on them. In fact this is a destashing project from that one.