Monday, February 11, 2008

Booga Bag

One finished felted Booga Bag:


This used exactly 3 balls of Vintage Hues (total 250m)

100st in the round. 65 rows. 5 stitch Icord handle measured 2m before felting. Before felting bag measured 45cm x 38cm.

I used a hot wash cycle. The bag was in a zippered mesh bag and in the machine I also put in 4 pairs of jeans and 1/2C baking soda. I put it through twice. I think it's mediumly felted, still reasonably soft in places but felted enough you can't see the stitches anymore. I think it could have possibly done with another go through. The cord is a bit short so next time I will do 4m before felting.

The colours are lovely.

Finished size after felting 33cm x 33cm approx

Before and After

I loved this pattern and the final result and will definitely make another of these. I have decided I am probably going to give this to a friend who is super clever and crafty and always sending me lovely parcels :D


Now as for the little felted heart. I stuffed it with dacron and sewed it up last night. In the end I decided I didnt really like it tied to the handle of the bag. The handles are a bit short and the colour of the heart didnt really sit right. So I made a tie for it and I'll either add it to our box of Xmas decorations or use it as a pin cushion, in my knitting bag. DH doesnt really appreciate me sticking my darning needle in the couch hehe


P.S. The ducky was found....... In the bath tub.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Looking gooood! And I LOVE that yarn.

Who sells it? I suppose I could look it up myself but I am WAY too lazy. ;)

sweetp said...

The VintageHues is gorgeous. Seriously.
I think Spotlight sells it.And Knitworld

Mine was 1279

I have an 'arrangement' with my Mum and she gets stuff from her LYS and sends it to me :D Good to have a Mum who knows her yarn!!

sweetp said...

Sorry you'll have to cut and paste that . I can't remember how to do the linky thing. I really should get more tech savvy heh