Sunday, February 24, 2008

A joint effort

The DDs have a princess fairy party to go to in a couple of months. The birthday girls Mum is very crafty and is making dress up costumes for her 3 girls. We have a ready made Snow White dress which M5 wears all the time and some ready made fairy wings for N2 to wear. I was feeling the pressure! and thought we had better make something. One of my Ravelry friends had made a crown using this pattern so I thought that was something we could make together that would fit the theme nicely, and expand our collection of pink and girlie dressups at the same time.

The crown is an easy pattern in garter stitch that grew very quickly. I used some of the Jet I had in my stash.I felted in the washing machine on hot cycle with baking soda and a load of towels.
oct 07 004oct 07 010

In the weekend we finally had a chance to go and get some pretty things to decorate it, and M5 had a blast glueing on beads and wotnots. We used PVA which dries clear and put it in the hot water cupboard overnight. (All you crafty peeps are probably gasping with horror here....I so do not have the patience for handsewing so there is NO way I was going to sew on fiftymillion small bits and bobs...yes they will probably fall off over time....yes it will probably drive me nuts especially as M6mths is on the verge of crawling....yes I am a bit lazy....oh well....)

oct 07 029

I did slightly less repeats than the pattern called for because I can't count I wanted it for all 3 girls so instead of sewing the back seam we tied on some ribbon so it could be adjustable


And here it finished pink princess crown


She did well!


Sharonnz said...

Love that pattern. Alterknits has one done in crepe paper too which looks wild!

sweetp said...

I just got me a copy of Alterknits in a swap :) Trying to decide what to make...

Kat said...

OMG that is just to cool! I think I might have to knit one of those for the girls. Would go great with the queens costume I was supposed to make Faith ages ago. I can't wait to see it in person at the party.