Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly!

Normally I keep the good stuff to the end...everyone likes a happy ending right? However we'll have to start with the good this time.

I was hoping of writing a post about what a great mail week it's been this week. What's better than fluffy mail?? Woooooolllllly mail!!! I think about 1.5kg of wool arrived in my mailbox this past week. WOOT!
Sounds like I have a nice knitting budget but really it was some good bargain hunting on my behalf. I got some cotton off Trademe for less than $1 a ball and the Jet I am making the shrug (and crowns) from was also 2nd hand. Somehow buying 2nd hand makes me feel less like I have been increasing my stash and more like I am giving the yarn a chance at a new life. LOL. The Jet was also a bargain I couldn't resist and in 2 tones of pink will definitely get used around here with 3 small girls! Its also a-sort-of 10ply yarn which is great because *so* many of the patterns I like are aran weight and there isn't the hugest selection in that size yarn here. I also bought the plain hanks to dye and a hank of this. Anyway the other thing that arrived to complete my best-ever-woolly-mail week was a wool winder. Also bought cheap off Trademe ;)
In the past I've mainly knitted off skeins or balls so havent had the need for any knitting gadgets. The odd hank here and there I can wind by hand but all of a sudden there were quite a few sitting wool winder was in need!

OMG I was SO excited when it arrived (yes I am that pathetic). I figured I really can't justify buying a swift right at the moment, so I would pay DD who is 5 $1 for every hank she helped me wind. So we had a lot of fun winding my dyed wool into a beautiful skein. is my new toy in action

Very cool.

The wool winder was still sitting on the bench the next day and DD asked if she could "help" do some more "spinning". I figured I should make the most of the willing helper and do another hank while she was keen. 100g neatly done. Onto the next half of the hank. I get up to go check I'm not burning tea (again) ....I turn around....and DD has picked up the hank and its now a.......



That's the bad bit if you didn't already guess.

The ugly bit was me yelling (and Ok I admit I might have sworn too).
OMG!! I was mad , bad and very ugly.

DD made a hasty exit to her room. I don't think she will be picking up hanks of wool any time soon. (Don't worry we've had a 'chat' about touching Mummy's things now and all is forgiven)

A few deep breaths later I sat down to F.I.X it.

4 hours it took me to tidy it up. 4 hours of time I could have *actually* been knitting. Waaah!

In the end I couldnt get it wound in one lot so the 2nd 100g is actually in 4 small balls. Which is going to be oh so much fun to knit with. Not.

I did think of taking a pic to share my misery with you but then decided I really didn't want the image of that wool to a/haunt me forever or b/be forever captured. Its best just to let that one go I think.

So lesson to self. Small girls and hanks of brightly coloured girlie wool are not a good mix.

And just because I thought it was a bit sucky to end a post on grumpiness. I thought I would share how my dyed wool turned out. You can see it in the ball in the pic above. I whipped up a baby size hat in it


It's pretty I guess. Not gorgeous but should be fine for knitting something to go with the hat for (they think it is a girl) my neice who will be born later this year. There's a bit more pink on the back of the hat.

If you like the look of the hat stay tuned :D
Pattern hopefully coming soon

And in a quick WIP update. I got another 1/3 of the booga bag done last night as I watched Casino Royale (way OT here but the new 007 is pretty good...I liked!!) so that's about 2/3 done. I have 1 more ball of the Vintage Hues left so I think I will knit the handle now then finish off the ball on the bag itself so no annoying small leftovers.

The shrug is coming along but I fear it may be the world's biggest baby shrug. ever. Yes I checked my gauge. Yes it is off. But just a little bit. Still wondering if I should carry on and see if it fits DD3 and if its too big maybe it will be Ok to put away for winters to come or for DD2 to wear maybe or if I should just frog it back right now. So currently on the back burner while I try and get some hats done. The final few samples made before I stick the pattern on here (very exciting!!).
I also have my fishy project which is my 'sometimes' project. Although one of my Ravelry friends has just finished this and it looks very cool so might inspire me to do some more :D


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Uh-oh. I think it is only a matter of time before my little monkey gets into my yarn. She has had VERY stern warnings about touching my sewing and knitting stuff but somehow I think the allure of that stuff will be stronger.

In the meantime it is just me who knots up the yarn. hehe

Cute hat!

sweetp said...

It was my lollipop yarn too! I have been saving up to get it after wanting some forever! i guess it was just too pretty...
Funnily enough N2 doesnt get into the wool stuff as much as M5 so maybe you will be lucky and get another year or 2!

Sheila said...

My "little ones" are grown and out of the house. I have to worry about the dog! She rolled a skein of rayon ribbon around the living room batting at it like a cat. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. Cute hat!

sweetp said...

Oh no! I can so picture that hehe. We have a cat but he's OK. The only yarn related issue I have with him is finding him asleep on my wool stash or latest WIP. :)