Saturday, February 2, 2008


I admit to not really 'getting it' at first - why waste perfectly good cotton on dirty old dishes? But I have joined the dishcloth knitting fanclub. Sharonnz will be proud ;)

Here are my top 10 reasons for knitting dishcloths...

  1. They are QUICK! Couple of hours knitting max (perfect for when you have an attack of startitis)
  2. They work great, really grippy
  3. Only use one skein (or less)
  4. Saves you $ on store bought cloths
  5. The 3 R's REDUCE (no more plastic wrapping from store bought) REUSE (they last for yonks ) and RECYCLE (i guess if you were super keen you could unpick something and recycle the cotton)
  6. There are some really neat designs..lacy or picture cloths
  7. They make nice gifts if you want to make something homemade for someone
  8. Use them as facewashers instead if they are just too pretty for the sink
  9. Pretty but functional.
  10. Bamboo is great for dishcloths too
  11. Great for beginners because you can pick an easy design but it won't take too long until you have a FO
Opps 11 reasons. I am sure there are other great reasons....tell me why do you knit dishcloths?? (thats a hint about leaving a comment heh)

I really like knittingknonsense for great free dishcloth designs. And this site has loads of links to free patterns.

So here are some I have made. These are picture ones from knittingknonsense, both are made in Moda Vera Luxor cotton which is an aran weight (10ply) thick and glossy cotton which makes a soft and shiny cloth, perfect for showing up the picture designs. The LOVE one was given to my Mum for her birthday and the skully cloth was my half of a swap.


You can also experiment with different stitch patterns and designs (dishcloths are perfect if you want to try something new or tricky just for a little bit).

This cloth is the lacy round pattern and looks more difficult than it actually is (honest). This was made in Moda Vera Bamboo/Cotton. This design is nice in a varigated yarn. Currently washing dishes in my sink!


You don't have to follow a pattern - this one is simply moss/seed stitch. The cotton yarn is Anchor MagicLine 8ply and it is a self striping cotton . I cast on 36st and the stripes came out even.

Next up on my dishcloth to do list is the ballband dishcloth

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sewfunky said...

I LOVE dishcloths too! :)