Monday, December 8, 2008

Gifts In and Gifts Out

I finished the Fetching Gloves for my Secret Santa and sent everything off yesterday. My person didn't give much information what she would like but listed her hobbies as sewing and scrapbooking so I made a little box and filled it with some little bits and pieces (chocolate (of course), some fat quarters, some scrapbooking thingys and the gloves). Hopefully she will like it all. Here are the finished gloves....

Fetching for my SS

I have to say the Merino et Soie is just gorgeous to knit. Soft and smooth, its a shame its nearly double the price of 'regular' wool otherwise I'd never knit anything else! Thank you again to lovely Leah for gifting it to me. I used a smidgen over 1 skein (but did lengthen a little bit) so I am thinking I may use the rest of the 2nd ball for some for me!

The box I made from a toddler size shoe box and covered it with Xmassy paper. It turned out very cute and hopefully my person will find a use for it, or regift it on this Christmas.
Hand made present box
It was pretty simple (and free) to make but I think it looked really effective.

So that's the gift out....Now for the gift in!

I've already shown the lovely SS gift that arrived for me here. (BTW...sock patterns I'm thinking either Dublin Bay (thank you Amanda) or Anastasia)
Lucky me also received another 'secret' yarn swap! Remember the one I made? Well, the one for me arrived recently too.

"Spearmint Surprise"

My parcel had 100g of 3ply yarn dyed in minty shades of green, spearmint essential oil and spearmint lollies (yum!) plus a recipe for Spearmint sorbet, a pattern for lacy gloves and a little sheet all about the uses of spearmint oil. So cool, thank you so much to my sender "Happy P". The sorbet recipe looks really easy and sounds yummy - might be a good one to try this summer since N3 won't be able to have icecream :( - and the spearmint oil is a lovely scent.

Spearmint swap

I'm not sure exactly what I will do with the yarn yet. It's great to have some light yarn in my stash though (which is very much 8ply and thicker). Maybe socks also, although this is baby yarn rather than sock, I'm not too concerned as its more about learning to make socks for me at the moment anyway. Or possibly something lacey maybe. Hmmm will ponder that one. It's very pretty - I'm not usually a green person but I think perhaps I should be more adventurous with my colours as this is just lovely. (Once again my camera hasn't captured it that well, much prettier IRL)

I can't wait for all this Christmas knitting to be done so I can get on with all these things I'm planning - all these things for ME!! Speaking of Christmas knitting, I've crossed off another one which I'll try and get pics of today, decided on a pattern for another one and swatched for one more! My list is getting shorter, I'm hopeful I will get through it all :D


Rose Red said...

Nice! Love the green package, very nice! Isn't it good to get some different coloured yarns from what you might normally use.

Am sure your pal will love her package as well.

Aunt Kathy said...

I think the green looks really nice. Pink is my favorite color but I like them all really. Can't wait to see what you make with all your new yarns.

KnitWit said...

I love the idea to wrap a shoe box, it looks really cute.

That swap box is awesome. I happen to love mint. =)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

We reuse boxes all the time for various things. Either I recover them in wrapping paper or contact paper :). Your mitts turned out beautifully!