Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas GiveAway

A little while ago I won a pay it forward giveaway on Kimber's blog - it is the one where you gift something within the next 365days to 3 people and then they do the same giveaway on their blogs and so on.

My gift from Kimber arrived not too long ago - a little zippered pouch in funky reclaimed fabric - which I had admired when she first posted on her blog. This is a great pic of it here (the middle one). I'm now using it instead of a normal wallet as its harder for the kids to get in to and "hide" my eftpos card when they decide to play shops! Its the perfect size. Thanks Kimber!!

So since its the giving season I've decided to do the same on my blog now!

If you would like to go in the draw please leave me a comment. I will draw 3 winners who will receive something small and handmade from myself (apparently you get 365 days to send your gift, I'll try and do it a bit sooner than that). If you are a winner then please consider doing a similar giveaway on your own blog at some stage and share the love!

I will post overseas. Please make sure your comment has a way for me to contact you.

Oh closing date...Friday 19th at noon (NZ time). Just a couple of days away...

I'm embarrassed how long it took me to send Amanda's prize off from the last time I did a giveaway so I will try not to be a gift procrastinater this time. I've already made 2 of the 3 prizes...so if stitch markers are something you are wanting then leave your comment and get yourself in the draw!!

#3 prize yet to be determined, won't be stitch markers :)




Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Hi Gabes
please count me in :)


The Bacarella Family said...

Oh how fun, I would love to be in the draw please! Love the socks by the way, too cute!

Shell (mumoftwo TNN)

Jo's Place said...


Count me in, sound like fun.

Jo (missymoomoo on TNN)

P.S The first lot of stitch markers are fab.

MrPuffy said...

They are such pretty stitch counters! But do chose some other lucky person to gift to :)

Sonia said...

Lovely idea! I particularly like the aqua and orange ones... : )

Anonymous said...

Gooorgeous! But please don't enter me ;)

Mary said...

Pick me! Pick me! I'll be your token overseas winner.

Viv said...

Hi Gabes

I'd like to be in the draw, but stitch markers are no good to me :-( How bout making an extra knitted rocket for a giveaway :-)

Bonnie and Ash said...

Ooohhhh I would love some stitch markers!!

Just so pretty.

Heart Felt said...

Can't pass by a great giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, love those first lot of stitch markers! Not entering tho, I really should finish my 365 before I enter any more ;)

KnitWit said...

The first set of markers are just gorgeous! Love the beads. =)

Will you add me to the drawing? *bats eyelashes* hehe.

knewbieknitter said...

Gorgeous Gabes - I love the atomy rocket stitch marker in the middle of the bottom pic :D

Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous family