Sunday, December 28, 2008

What my needles got up to while on holiday....

An essential part of packing for any trip away is deciding what WiPs to take! A whole week away...what to take??!!
I decided I would fill my little knitting bag with yarn for M's blanket and little else so I would have no option but to knit some squares. I got 4 done, so only 2 more to go. I probably would have been able to finish it and give it to her for 2nd Xmas this week if I hadn't had to do a little knit-surgery (don't ask) on the thing I am making my Mum and if it hadn't taken me 3 goes to get something I was happy with for my neice.

You might remember attempt 1 was a pink merino Boheme which was too small... I ended up taking that away as well for a refreshing change from boring blankie squares.

Boheme V1

This is such a sweet little top. The tulip lace is lovely although I didn't find it that enjoyable to knit, maybe I just suck at memorising lace patterns. I didn't make any modifications except that my gauge was way off so it came out smaller than intended.


It won't fit my neice, but it did fit my 3mth old nephew so I will gift it on to a new baby at some later stage. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out although I think I would do a garter stitch band down the front if I were to do again as the fronts curl in. I'm also not sure the buttonholes are in the best place either but these are all little things that are easily changed. It's a lovely little pattern. I'm thinking about a wool one for M1 for autumn.

Then my attempt number 2 was the Avita top that looked rather lovely on my M1 and I selfishly (or perhaps realistically as it would be far too large on neice) decided to keep for her.

Avita 4

Attempt number 3 came together very quickly. Just 2 days knitting (phew) once we got home.

Boheme Revisited 2

"Sopheme" - made in 8ply Anny Blatt cotton with 4mm needles. Finally I got the sizing right!

Bodice as per the Boheme pattern for the 6month size. Substituted the tulip lace for feather and fan - I used the instructions from here, including the 3 st of garter on the edges to stop any curling.
Omitted the buttonholes and added a plaited tie (couldn't find my one and only crochet hook) closure instead
4 rows of garter stitch at bottom instead of the picot bind off.

Boheme revisited

I think I like this version better. I do like the feather&fan - it gives a more summery feel I think. I'd love to do one like this for myself, or for M1, its kind of like a cross between the February Lady Sweater and Ysolda's Leisl don't you think?

Boheme Revisited 3

(Yeah there is a hook in our kowhai, I don't know why but its been very handy for outdoor Wip photos )

If you're intending to make a Sopheme too you will need a stitch count that is a multiple of 18 +6 (3 st for each band). I had 96 stitches after completing the bodice.

Right, I better get back to finishing off the last of my gift knitting. The end is finally in sight!


sue said...

All those tops look beautiful. I think I like the Avita one best. You must have been a busy knitter over the break.

Aunt Kathy said...

I really like the last one you did... I wonder if I could figure that out, I really like it a lot

Natalie said...

I adore the sopheme jacket! Well done :)

Heart Felt said...

I love the photo of your little one wearing 'Evita', how cute does she look! xx

Sonia said...

All of your attempts are adorable! Lucky babies who get to wear them!

Carol said...

adorable knits! wow I love the colours too!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous knits! I love seeing all the cute stuff you make for yours and others' little ones!

Rose Red said...

I love all of these, but most especially Sopheme - it is great - and the plaited tie is inspired!!

Hege said...

So cute!
Wish I had a little girl to kit for...