Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I know I've been going on (and on) about trying to make lots of my presents this year. Sorry, one more post about that ;D

I'm kind of limited to knitting and beading since I don't sew. I could bake I guess, but fudges and sweets and other giftable edibles never seem to turn out very well for me! I'm knitting for family members and my girls, and have made some beady bits and pieces too (and dyed some wool for DH's granny who is also a knitter)

I decided the next best option if I can't make it , is if someone else did. So I thought I'd share some of M1's other Christmas presents....

Handmade 'dancing' bell ring made by the very talented Hanna. (Do you read her blog? She's very clever indeed!) I think M1 is going to have a great time dancing around making jingly noises with this.

And a name puzzle from here. Fabulous customer service, a great price and it arrived very quickly - this is a quality hand made wooden puzzle. The girls have not so common names (hence the blanking out) and its nice to be able to get something made to order for her.

I feel almost virtuous that I've managed a "made from natural materials" selection of gifts for her - it's nice that she's at an age where there is a lot of lovely wooden toys to choose from (shes also getting a wooden pull along shape sorter) and of course, she's not old enough to have a preference for pink and plastic!! Her oldest sister on the other hand is an advertisers dream and is getting the plastic battery operated Made in China password diary thingy that is apparently essential for every six year old girl. I guess you can't win them all :D

This Christmas I'm trying really hard to keep things simple - a few well thought out gifts for each child (my list has made things a lot easier and has stopped any buying for the sake of it) - we don't have a lot of money for extravagant gifts and I really want my girls to grow up thinking Christmas is about family and being together, rather than how many presents everyone got. M6 might have a new awareness about "stuff" and advertising but she is also becoming more aware about the world we live in. We had a discussion about 'giving' and people who are less fortunate than us and she said she might like to find some toys and books to give to needy children this Christmas too.

Did you read this post on Uncommon Grace ? I wholeheartedly agree with everything she said - its a sad reflection on our society that someone can be trampled to death for the sake of a cheap TV. Where is the spirit of the season? For us - Less is more this year, but will still be just as magical.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautifully spoken/written. I completely agree with your view on what to teach your kids about what the holidays really mean. My lasting memories from my own childhood have nothing to do with the presents I received but rather baking with my mom and siblings, watching Christmas movies and making ornaments and presents for each other. I only hope I can pass the same on to my children.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with both you and At Home Mommy Knits about the meaning of Christmas. I also agree with you about natural present. When my children were the age yours are now, I did everything I could not to have brightly coloured plastic stuff for them - I always felt that somehow these things were so far removed from the 'real' that they could almost de-sensitise them from the more subtle beauty of natural objects.

mooncalf said...

I have an unusual name and when I was a kid I would have given ANYTHING to have a name plate (or a pen or a mug) with my name on it. ANYTHING! I'm sure your gift will be hugely appreciated :)