Friday, August 15, 2008

Triple Jump

I have completed my first Ravelympics event! The Amigurimi n Toy Toss. I entered 3 times for this one so I guess you could say I was competing in my very own Triple (Toy) Jump.


I was in half a mind to boycott watching the Olympics given China's appalling human rights and environmental practices, however I have been surprised how much I have enjoyed watching the events so far. It makes a really refreshing change to have a showcase of other sports (sport does not have to equal rugby and rugby league!!)
NZ has been doing Ok, we are minnows at the Olympics so the handful of medals we are likely to get is a pretty big achievement for a country with only 4million people. Looking forward to more rowing tonight!

So instead of boycotting the Olympics I think I will sign up for this. Its a boycott of buying anything Made in China for the last week of the Olympics (August 18-24). It probably won't result in freedom for Tibet but I feel like I would like to do 'something', so silent message it is.

Anyway, back to the knitting. Here are the pattern details in case you want to make any of these cuties for yourself :)

All the patterns are by Raynor at the Knitted Toy Box. I used some little bits of leftovers in my stash. They are all made in 8ply wool and I knit the toys on 3mm needles. I have a couple of friends due in the next few months who are having baby #2 or 3. Since I am making something for the new baby, these are going to be gifts for the big sister or brother. I know my girls were always super stoked when they got a gift on the arrival of a new baby. I hope they like them!

Little Hippo for Seth

Tiny Turtle for James

Lovebug for Emily

I'm 3/4 of the way through my cowl jump entry now so another FO hopefully in the next day or 2. How is your Ravelympic knitting going?


Aunt Kathy said...

I saw those cute animals on Ravelry, I love them. Hopefully I will have time to knit up a few myself before I die, lol

sue said...

They are all so cute arent they. It is very sad about the tibetans isnt it. A large country with so much power is a very scary thing indeed.

Anonymous said...

They are lovely Gabes.

amanda said...

Oh my goodness!
The hippo, the hippo, the hippo! I neeeeeed one!

blackie said...

cuteness. I swear every time I search for a project on Ravelry something you made comes up and it is always my fave. And then I just stumbled upon your blog through some random link hopping. Like, cosmic, man.

kv said...

congratulations! they are sooo cute. but i was also thinking---imagine how difficult it would be to boycott all chinese products--they are everywhere. and maybe other countries (the u.s., just maybe?) couldn't stand up to very stringent human rights standards either. very complicated.

Little Grubs said...

The animals are just gorgeous - I'm now getting very jealous of all you knitters! x

sweetp said...

Blackie...that's so kind! (and cosmic man!) LoL ...will come and check your blog out :)

KV...yeah totally complicated. And China definitely isn't on its own in terms of less then exemplary behaviour for sure. Even NZ, so proud of our clean/green image has some shocking environmental practices. I guess its a little gesture. (Should be Ok for 1 week but I agree...our shops are overflowing with MIC..would be hard to avoid for too long!!)

Heart Felt said...

How adorable, very clever and patient! xx

lucky knitter said...

Those are so incredibly cute!!

Anonymous said...

Just found this :) Seth loves his hippo :)