Sunday, August 10, 2008



Awww thanks Embejo! Look what I got in the blog-post :) Very sweet of you. Embejoetc is a great kiwi blog - kind of like liquorice allsorts....a little bit of everything, you never know what you'll get but its all good. Great book reviews, tales of cute kids & crafty bits and pieces. She is also running a wonderful project to help a hospital in Zimbabwe which you can read about here. I'm sure she'd love it if you stopped by.

So continuing on with the kiwi crafty blog theme I'm going to pass this award on to some great Kiwi blogs I enjoy and that I don't think I've linked to before:

Twentycentmixture. Louise is so talented! We found each other through a mutual project on Ravelry and I've so enjoyed seeing all her wonderful projects since. She knits, she sews, she embroiders, she stencils, she bakes and cooks.....there's always something wonderful being made at her place!

Seven Stitches. Amy's blog is about quilting, life with a small child in a small town and other loveliness. I can't remember if I found her (through Louise perhaps?) or if she found me...but her blog is lovely. I'm not a sewer or a quilter but I find her blog really interesting and very inspiring.

Newly Made. Nova's always got oodles of creativity going on at her house. Knitting, sewing, gardening, dyeing, felting, kids crafts........ She has a very new baby so I have no idea where she finds the time (or energy!!) but always lots of steal-able ideas there :)

Purdy Peas. A new kiwi knitting blog. VJ is a knitter and crocheter extraordinaire!!! If you like bags then she is the lady to go visit! She's always making something totally gorgeous.

Crunchy Crafter NZ. My lovely Becks has started to blog all her wonderful creations too. Check out the fabulous anouk she's made! Beck can turn her hand to anything and always makes it sound so effortless. Very talented.

Happy Creating!


nova_j said...

geez you've given me a lot to live up to in with that group! *blush* but thank you!! good thing i didn't post pics of my yarn swap dyeing yet.. you've got a way bigger readership than me, so who knows who could see it now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Gabes you are so sweet. I am full of warm fuzzies. Thanks for the kudos, and most importantly, your inspiration :D

amanda said...

yay!! Congrats on the award!
More new blogs to cruise too. Keep 'em coming!

Amy said...

Thank you for the lovely words. You are too kind. I'm going off the check out the others right now.

Embejo said...

Thanks for the linkies....and your kind words. Glad you could pass it on!