Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Lucky Sweetp had lovely Leah come to stay for the weekend. We knitted, we chatted, we drank coffee, we went shopping, we dyed wool, we invited knitting friends over for a night of knitting and yummy treats, and we just hung out. My girls thought she was wonderful. M6 asked when are you coming to stay again! Thanks so much for always being there when I need to chat, thanks for being so kind and thoughtful and always helping me out!


Lucky SweetP got given a very special present from Miss very talented Leah.


Remember I was saying how I needed a WiP bag? Turns out my little conversation with naughty Kb was actually a little bit of 'research'!! Leah made me the most excellent bag!!! She thought of EVERYTHING!!

Made just for me (I am so blessed and spoilt!)

With a little zipper pouch for holding knitting jewels

And a drawstring ball holder so my yarn won't get tangled in the bag. This is a clever little design which was much admired by our knitting friends

And these wee pouches clip to the inside of the bag via a D-ring so I can clip them on and off if I need to (yip...she thought of everything)

It's made of super cool fabric (dark colour so little grubby children won't mark it) and she has lined it so that it stands up on it's own. Plus (!) the clever thing put a row counter on the drawstring so it won't ever get lost.

And...wait there's more....inside was some super yummy (dairy free so N2 could have some) chocolate, some super soft and scrummy yarn and a copy of kb's yarn harlot book to borrow. Lucky me!!!
Thank you Leah, I feel very spoilt and absolutely love it.


Leah said...

Awww you are more than welcome hun, I had a fantastic time. I'm all refreshed now hehe. I'll get a tutorial up for the wee "yarn bra" sometime soon for all those ladies that asked :)

MotherMe said...

ooh, what a lucky knitter you are, SweetP! Leah, it's a beautiful WiP bag and I, for one, am very, very jealous... ;)

Sharonnz said...

Gorgeous bag'n'bits! I'll keeping my eye out for Missy Leah's tute.

Anonymous said...

You so deserve it chook. I'm so pleased you guys had a great time together :) Certainly sounds like an enviable weekend!
Oh, and apologies for the sneaky research ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh bags!!!!!!! that is gorgeous. Definitely will be looking out for the tute Leah.

Sounds like the weekend was perfect.

amanda said...

She really did think of everything didn't she! Talk about attention to detail. Lucky you!