Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Settling In

So.....the move went well!!

I managed to survive the 2 plane trips with 3 kiddies in tow. Some days I wonder if I am cut out for this mother lark and despair that I am not doing it right. My girls were total angels for both trips and it really wasn't that stressful (even though it was late when we got in and a very unsettled day and there was just me trying to keep a 5yo, 2yo and a baby entertained, fed and cajoled) , so perhaps I am doing something right after all. I am pleased to report there was no repeat airport disaster story!

Our new house is lovely and warm. It has a vege garden and lots of living space. There is even a little study/office/small bedroom off the lounge which the girls have claimed as a play room
I've always wanted a playroom to contain the mess and much enjoy closing the door on the day's debris each evening

All the living areas are north facing so it gets sun all day. There is a nice patio area which I have claimed for drying washing but will make a nice messy play space

My only disappointment is that the previous tentant had not cleaned it so I am having to clean and scrub just about everything. And its filthy. :(

The girls seem to have settled in amazingly well. . M5 has been to her new school for a visit and to meet her new teacher and is looking forward to starting properly after the holidays. We've been busy this past week getting her uniform etc sorted and walking round our new neighbourhood. Here they are (standing on the windowsills) watching our load of firewood being delivered by a big "twuck"


It sure is a shock to come back to south island weather. We are all suffering from sore throats and coughs which is probably due to the dramatic change in air temperature at night. I've had to go shopping for suitable clothes and thermal tops for the kids. I'm going to be busy knitting mittens and scarves for everyone I think!!! For me I'm making a Central Park Hoodie.


Im using Bendigo Rustic 12ply in Red Tweed. The colour is a bit darker IRL. I've only done one cable repeat so far but am itching to see how the cables will look in this wool. I'm pretty excited to be finally doing something 'proper' for ME! and something like the grown up knitters make. SOmething not small. Imagine that :)


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is going well and life is settling down nicely :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're settling in there! You must be a saint to survive that journey on your own with the kids. Think I may have needed medication to get me through that!.

I think your CPH will look great by the way. You're getting really good stitch definition with the bendigo so the cables should really pop.

Alana said...

Great color choice for the Central Park Hoodie. I look forward to seeing the finished project!

Sonia said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

YAY glad to hear things went well :D yay for a play room ( wish we had one of those lol )

Can;t wait to see the CPH all knitted up :D

Michaela Dollar said...

Congratulations on your successful move! I love the yarn for the Central Park Hoodie!

Anonymous said...

What a relief after last time!

Hoaenz said...

So glad to hear the move went smoothly! Playrooms do rock don't they! Am especially glad to read that your new house is warm - a very important thing to have in a southern winter and a hard thing to assess in the looking at houses stage.

Rebecca said...

Great to see that you are all settled in! i LOVE that bead hat you clever thing!!!!



Louise said...

Pleased to hear the move went OK. Looking forward to seeing the finished hoodie!