Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Beginnings

It seems only fitting that my first project in our new home is something for a new baby


Punk Knitters soaker
size small in Hummingbird Fey (8ply) knitted in the round on 30cm 4mm Addi Turbo. I knit the leg cuffs on straight needles before I graft and I like the look and fit of the rolled cuffs so usually do stockinette. I really despise kitchener but I am getting better and better at it. I use these great instructions from Knitty.

This is a gift for one of my "nappy" friends. Wool makes for a great nappy cover and sure beats those horrible plastic covers they sell in baby shops. Its Real Nappy Week here in NZ at the moment which is a week where alternatives to throw away/one use nappies are promoted at events through out the country. More info at The Nappy Network

One of my friends has written a pattern for a soaker knitted in the round with no grafting! I'm going to help her by test knitting it and possibly hosting the pattern here. I think it's going to be a fun knit and once this moving in chaos is over, I'm going to pick something from my stash to CO (or PCO as the case may be, hehe)


familyofgirls said...

Ooooo that new pattern sounds very interesting. Can't wait to see a FO from it.

neak said...

ohhhhhhhhhh I love that wool!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Weeeee! you are back! :)


Gypsy said...

What great wool! That is a gorgeous soaker. I think that is huge motivation for me to learn to knit ... so that if I am lucky enough to have another baby I can make him or her gorgeous soakers like that!