Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Shaun the Sheep!


So named after our favourite cartoon sheep. (Yes he has his own website!). He's made from this pattern from which was quick and easy. The only bit of this project I didn't like was sewing on the face. Embroidery is not my thing apparently.

I used some delightful acrylic I found at the big red shed which was THE worst wool I've ever used - all the things I hate in yarn....thick/thin, boucle, fluffy and not wool. It even squeaked when I knit it. YUK! However, I queued this pattern just a day earlier and when I saw the yarn, I knew it would be absolutely perfect for this wee project - and it was! Despite it's nastiness on the needles I'd definitely get some more if I ever see it again to make another of these cuties. $1.97/ball I shouldn't really complain heh. The wool is supposed to be knit on 5mm and I used 4mm so the stuffing wouldn't show. The white is some 8ply leftovers which I used doubled over to match the thickness. Funnily enough the yarn brand is called Sean Sheep.

Too cute!



Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little baa lamb! That'll teach you not to be a yarn snob won't it! :D

nova_j said...

awww he's fantastic!

Michaela Dollar said...


Sonia said...

So cute! I think the yarn works great and he's so expressive!