Saturday, April 5, 2008



Yes I know. I'm going to say it before someone else does. *Another* WiP that ISN'T finishing off my auntie's birthday present. My auntie whose birthday was...yesterday. So much for being organised. What can I say....2nd sock syndrome strikes fingerless gloves!

I did however send her a parcel with some goodies and the hat I made her. She loves it and it fits her so I am really stoked. She has a dog that she walks in all weathers so I made this for her with cold winter walking in mind.


It's Smariek's 3Am Cable Hat made in Cleckheaton Country Silk 8ply. Great pattern! I didn't do any modifications but chose to do the extra ribbing which I thought was the better option since I didn't want to ask my auntie to measure her head! The wool is gorgeous to knit with, really soft and the little bits of silk heathering in it just give it a little bit of interest without detracting from the cables.

I've told my auntie that there are gloves to match on the way so I can show you now (CC if you are reading this, look away now!!).

There is no matching glove pattern for the 3am hat so I picked this pattern and thought I would modify the cable to match the hat.


You know when you have a great idea about modifying a pattern to make it *even better* and then your great plans don't quite live up to expectations? Well this is my project like that. I mean,the glove is *fine*. It looks better on the hand when the cable is stretched a bit and I really like how the thumb gusset is made. But I don't know. It's not as nice as the *actual* cable on the *actual* pattern that I really should have used *instead*. It's also a bit large. Not falling off my hand large but a bit baggy. I don't think my auntie has huge hands so chances are, they will be too big. So with all these things weighing on my mind I got a bit unmotivated and moved on to some other instant gratification knits. And some more. And some more. Then I realised I wasn't going to get it done in time to send to her, so I told her I would bring the gloves in my suitcase when we move. That would be in 6 days time. Better get cracking! So last night I picked up the glove again and realised I NEVER WROTE DOWN MY MODIFICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, how dumb can you get? I have a large sketch book I bought at the beginning of the year especially for mods and pattern notes and ideas etc. A book dedicated to the type of notes one should keep if one is modifying a pattern and needs to repeat it again. Yes. And then there is my Ravelry notebook. That's the place to write your modifications online isn't it? Yes.

So. Now I have less than a week to finish glove. Hopefully remembering what exactly it was that I changed. And finish hat WIP for myself so I have something warm when we move to colder pastures. Next week.

Hmm. Maybe as well as unrealistic expectations of my ability to modify patterns, I also have unrealistic expectations of how fast I knit.


Maria57 said...

Been there, done that. Have also written corrections to patterns on a piece of paper which has gone missing by the time I get to the next piece of knitting that requires it. Pain in the proverbial. Good luck with the 2nd glove. The 1st one looks great. Mum X

Sharonnz said...

I petted some of that pretty blue Country Silk in my LYS today. Looks great!