Monday, March 30, 2009

Projects I am not knitting

Clapotis in progress
I am not knitting my Clapotis. Because well, it just got a bit boring. I'm a little way into the middle straight section and have dropped a few stitches , which was fun. But not fun enough to keep me interested. At one stage I wasn't sure if I could find any wool to continue with it since it's now discontinued and off the shelves everywhere here (Cleckheaton Vintage Hues). Luckily Mum (again) came to my rescue and sent me some more (thanks Mum). Unfortunately that means I can no longer use 'ran out of yarn' as a valid excuse to give up on this. I *do* want to finish and snuggle under it this winter. I just don't especially want to knit it right now.

If you would like to see a lovely finished Clapotis then check our Shortly's sportweight version here and Mary's stunning one here

Juliet Scarf

I am not knitting my Juliet scarf. I'm not sure why I'm not knitting it. Actually I'm not sure why I AM knitting it. A very unlike me project in colour and in style. I think when I CO I was feeling like I should attempt something a bit more substantial for the Long Lacy Summer I signed up for but didn't actually really complete anything for (although I did make about 4 tops with LACEY bits , I didn't actually knit any LACE). It needs concentration. I have 3 small children.


I am also not knitting my Fargyle socks. I have one done and now after reading this fantastically written and funny post from Rose Red I am feeling very sad for my poor lonesome sock. But not so sad I'm going to CO for its mate! Second sock syndrome? It would appear so.


I spent my summer holiday finishing up the squares for M1's blanket. But currently I am 'not knitting' the edging. I was waiting until the weather cooled you know. Obviously its not cooled quite enough yet.


Also 'not knitting' this cute swing dress I talked about here. Knitting a summery bamboo top when summer is ending probably wasn't a wise move so I frogged back the inch or so I'd started and will leave that for next summer.

I AM however making good progress on M1's Robin Hood Jacket and have completed the back and half a sleeve. So far its coming along nicely and although the cables looked quite intimidating they really aren't so bad.

I'm going to get this done and then think about going back to some of my hibernating projects. Maybe.


Shortly said...

Should we all join in in the spirit of catharsis? I'm *not knitting* my second fargyle either! I've done 2-3 inches of it though. I'm not studiously avoiding anything else, but am working on finishing one thing before I move back onto some others. Glad to see your hoodie is progressing nicely :) It's super cute!

amanda said...

Really getting the 'not knitting' concept. I've just finished the paperdolls and really should get back to my UFOs but somehow I just can't!

Bells said...

great idea for a blogpost!! I'm not knitting some stuff too!

lucky knitter said...

You must finish Clapotis. I love the yarn your using for it! The Robin Hood Jacket is looking beautiful! But, I do have some unfinished business too (cherry fizz and a mystery sock) so you are not alone.

Jen said...

Perhaps you should cast on something new? (evil, aren't I?)

MrPuffy said...

Too funny! I know what you mean about Clapotis ~ but now that I'm finished it's one of my favorite knits ever. It almost makes me want to make another one. Almost.

Sonia said...

These phases happen from time to time. Just keep knitting what's fun, and at some point you'll decide whether to finish or frog the others.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Sometimes it so hard to leave so many things hanging in the balance and on the back burner but if you aren't feeling the love then move onto to something you are excited about.....eventually the urge comes to finish the unfinished.....usually :)

Jennynz said...

Finish the clapotis! I wanna see what it looks like in Vintage Hues! I'm interested to see how big it turns out with all that yarn, since my sunday market shawl is at least 40cm x 170cm and that was only 5 balls of Jet. Surely 10 balls of VH would make a massive clap?

The Robin Hood cables are looking great - I love the colour of the yarn.

earnest hemming said...

Love the texture of the Robin Hood jacket!
...and I totally hear ya on the list of things that are not being knitted. I'm particularly stressed out by my FLS which is just up to the lace section. I can't bring myself to start it for the same reason you mentioned - kids + lace = recipe for disaster.



Rose Red said...

yes, I think I need to come clean and do an "I'm not knitting" post too. I'm sure most of us have a list!!

And hey, as long as you are knitting something, it's all good, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Yup me too. I think I will post my not knitting list in a few days

Diane said...

I love the colors of your Clapotis! I've got one on the needles too, and I'm right before the row where you drop the first stitch. Exciting! I also was knitting the Juliet scarf but ripped it out, didn't like how it was turning out. I know how that "not knitting" mode is, I get that way too, sometimes you just have to let the project sit.

Emilee said...

I put aside a sweater so long ago...I don't even know if I could start it again if I wanted to! you have so many lovely pieces! I'm so jealous ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't you find that you can stop feeling the love for a project half way through, and then it just becomes a chore? I'd hibernate them for now and just do something that inspires you instead.

little grubs said...

Love how the Robon Hood Jacket is going! x