Thursday, March 5, 2009

A post about knitting

There has been very little knitting happening here lately for obvious reasons. Not for lack of wanting and trying of course.

What few minutes I managed to find to knit over the past few weeks I used for knitting some good old dishcloths. Quick and easy and no thinking involved.

Linda commented "Moving is a very stressful time and it's times like that you so need your knitting. Catch 22 huh? " which is so so true. Right when you really need your knitting to destress and keep you sane and you just can't fit it in.

So I managed a little bit...

I made these two for Viv's prize - she was a winner in my blog giveaway.

Bobbles the Sheep because Viv lives on a farm!! (Rav link) in Moda Vera Bamboo/Cotton

DW dishcloth
Darrell Waltrip cloth (I have no idea who Darrell Waltrip is...something to do with Nascar apparently) in Wendy Supreme cotton. (Rav link)

I finished this pink scrappy one I started ages ago. I used some little bits of leftover pink cotton an had 4 balls going at once which I soon discovered was a recipe for entanglement. Its huge and great for mopping up spills though

Scraps in pink cotton

And I also made this ladybug dishcloth which was sent to a friend in Australia. This was my contribution to a dishcloth swap with a group of knitting friends. We are all wanting to be selfish knitters and were lamenting how we never have time/want to knit dishcloths for ourselves so we decided to make a swap group. In keeping with our selfishness we got to suggest the pattern/s we wanted our secret dishcloth knitter to make us....


This was made in Patons Washed Haze which is an aran yarn so the cloth came out quite big.

And this is the one which was sent to me...


A dalek washcloth called "Exfoliate!" - totally love it. Unfortunately the pattern webpage doesnt appear to be working now. I have fond memories of watching Doctor Who in my childhood so when I saw this cloth it was a must make. But better, I didn't have to! Thank you to my (still secret!) dishcloth knitter, its fabulous.

I was also lucky enough to receive my pincushion from the pincushion swap group. Lovely Aimee sent me this cool pincusion. It has beautiful wool felt on one side (great choice as I wanted to use for my thicker darning needles) and super soft green polar fleece on the underside.

I always think the best bit of swaps is the making and sending off but have to admit the opening of parcels rates right up there too.

So, that's the knitting update from the past few weeks. I'm hoping I'll be back into the groove very soon. Amanda asked me if I'd managed to knit in the new house yet and I can now report that yes I have!! And cast on for something "proper" too...

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Rose Red said...

What a great lot of dishcloths! Exfoliate is great!! Glad you have been able to get some knitting in.

asti said...

Congratulations on the's lovely to start afresh isn't it ? We moved SO much before settling here, so I know what it's like ;)
Oh,and the dalek washcloth is FAB !

At Home Mommy Knits said...

A move, three little ones, and knitting? Wow you should feel very accomplished :) deserve to relax my friend!

Aunt Kathy said...

OH what a pretty blue you are working with now, and I really like that bobbles the sheep cloth, I need too check out that pattern.

Soon your knitting will be back in time with the new house.

Anonymous said...

Nice collection of dishcloths! I can't bring myself to use them to wipe down the kitchen, but it feels very luxurious to use them as washcloths!

Julie said...

I love that Dalek washcloth how brilliant!!! I am very intrigued by your yummy purple knitting, wonder what it could be, the colour is gorgeous.....X

little grubs said...

I love the dishcloths!!! You've reminded that I want to make one for myself - I think I was inspired when I last saw one on your blog (like last year!) but seem to have forgotten about it! Is it best to make them out of cotton or diesn't it matter? x

little grubs said...

Thanks for getting back to me about the yarn - I went out yesterday and found a whole lot of cotton in the op shop - what a happy coincidence! x