Thursday, March 26, 2009

Navy and Indigo

Apparently that's my choice for sweaters this winter. Indigo. Navy. Dark blue with a hint of purple.

I just bought a sweater's worth of "Indigo" 12ply for a Garter Yoke Cardigan (from the latest Knit1 magazine). The ravelry pattern page is here. The last time I used this yarn I bought it from the same Trademe seller and learnt 10 balls isn't enough. This time I bought 15 and got a great price (about half normal retail). Its a pretty basic wool but knits up quick and smooth and was cheap so can't complain.

CC 12ply

I'm very keen to make a start on this as I think it will be a fantastically wearable and warm knit for winter. The FO's on Ravelry all look great so this is going to be my next 'me' knit (well, at this point anyway)

I FORGOT (my yarn stash is not big by any stretch of the imagination and I rarely have a sweaters amount of anything) I ALREADY had a sweater's worth of navy wool. Proof perhaps 3 babies have indeed turned my brain to mush.

The Navy Naturally Sensation I bought earlier this year


I was going to do "Jane" from CustomKnits with this but I wonder if it will be too fuzzy so now I'm wondering if I should use this for the GYC and the Cleckheaton for Jane. Perhaps a good reason to swatch properly this time!

In the Spotlight sale a few weeks back I picked up some Serenity bamboo/cotton for $1/ball - yes a sweaters worth (well tank or tee for next summer) and yes. Its purpley/blue.


At least I know what I like!


Rose Red said...

The Serenity is a great blue/purple - what a bargain at $1/ball. Fabulous!

I think you might be right about the yarns - the Naturally might be better for the cardigan, and the Country for the Jane cardi.

Anonymous said...

What a great color, no wonder you have so much of it! I'm in a green phase right now, but I can feel a blue/purple one coming on.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautiful colors. Isn't it funny how the same colors seem to creep into our purchases :).

nova_j said...

rofl! mm yeah i like the serenity too.. at least you buy a decent amount, i only ever buy enough for not-quite-anything, and there are only so many variegated toys one can stomach! ;)
(my good knitter & bad knitter are fighting- "OMG how did i not know about $1 yarn?!" "umm supposed to be knitting from stash remember.." lol)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well, at least you know it's a colour that suits you!