Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where my stitches at?

How lucky am I? A special parcel for me in the post this morning....

where my stitches at

The Ravellers amongst you will recognise this as a Ravelry store tee. SO cool (100). I wore it all day along with my 'so stoked' smile. Lucky me!!

Thank you Beck, you really are a sweetie. I feel incredibly blessed to have such a generous and thoughtful friend. The last few weeks have been a hectic blur of visiting grandparents, finishing playcentre assignments, sore throats and sniffles, other unspeakable childhood ailments, sleepless nights and emerging molars! Your little pick me up gift came just at the perfect time! Thank you!!

And that's not all....also a big pile of lovely new wipes for the little ones. Love that rainbow print. Thank you so much!

New wipes

Beck is the brainchild behind Ecobubs - awesome wool pocket nappies (which are always my first choice for Miss20months) and gorgeous classic childrenswear, always something to covet there. Go check it out :D

Where my stitches at?


Anonymous said...

What a BRILLIANT gifty! Lucky duck! You so deserve it though ;)

Rebecca said...

YAY - it fits!!!



Aunt Kathy said...

Wow, what a great surprise, you deserved it

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

way cool pressie!