Friday, March 13, 2009

Garden Notes

Tomato homegrown

I will miss my vege patch!

I salvaged the important things (strawberries) in buckets and containers and bought them with us. There's no vege patch as such here but I am planning planting winter veges in amongst the other plants anyway.

Zuchhini crop

I am rather proud of my beginner efforts. Very much a mixed bag with some great successes and some other dismal failures. I was aiming to eat *something* from the garden every day and I didn't too badly. I still have a bit to learn about rotation and timing of crops

Beans crop

Notes to self
Cos lettuces grow anywhere. Hearted lettuces turn to slimy goo.
Eat the rocket quickly before it goes to seed
Don't transplant your coriander else it sulks and bolts
One zuchhini plant produces LOTS, two or 3 next year would be great.
Cucumbers went in too late.
The capsicum produced teeny fruit but they tasted 'real'
Peas are good for snacking while weeding
Carrots? Nope
Spinach - one crop did well, the other didn't. Not sure what the secret was there.
I can grow herbs very well. Must remember to use them more often.
Strawberries feed the hungry gardener (and her little helpers). 10 plants per person is my aim for next year.
Brocolli - definitely again.
Broans beans not so sure.
Normal beans - need taller stakes than you anticipate but produce more than expected too! Very good.
Tomatoes were fine in plastic buckets. Plant more than 6 next year and have a go at chutney.

I had to leave the pumpkins behind

When we moved in it was empty.
Aug08 and Feb09
P8311519Garden Feb09

My winter vege seedlings are going in the ground tomorrow!


Carol said...

The harvest looks wonderful... I wish you could send me some of those tomatoes! ;) good luck with the winter crops.

Aunt Kathy said...

Oh do I miss having a garden.

earnest hemming said...

Looks good :-) We've just put in a few brassicas for the winter -have you tried any of the asian greens? (bok choy etc). I've found that they survive the cabbage butterfly much better than the regular caulis/cabbages.


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Good luck with the new veggie garden! How I wish I could grow veggies here - but for reasons too numerous to list - I can't. I am fortunate to live near several excellent farmer's markets though so it isn't too bad.

asti said...

This is making me long for summer. Good crop !

little grubs said...

I hadn't thought about winter veggies I thought I had a bit longer before I had to really think about that part of the garden!! I overdid the courgettes too - planted all the seeds, they all germinated and it was only when they were ready to plant out that I read they should be spaced 3ft apart - oops our garden certainly wasn't big enough to contain all those! x

Anonymous said...

What wonderful crops you grew! We just started a couple of years ago, and it definitely is a learning curve, figuring out what works and doesn't!

nova_j said...

ooh they look good! good luck with your new patch :)

lucy said...

A bounty harvest from your garden. Wow, your notes are amazing. I am planning to start a garden journal so I can remember what workd or doesn't in future.