Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A post of few words

Getting used to a carpet free house. I love the way the sun lights up the floorboards

wooden floors

I'm trying to be enthused about this project but have to admit its really not doing it for me at the moment and I've sent it off to hibernate. I imagine this is what knitted candyfloss looks like

Juliet Scarf

I love new stationery but always find the blank page rather daunting. I have so many ideas buzzing in my head - I needed somewhere to let them out.

Blank Page

I'm knitting another beret. The pattern is Reverie from the latest Knitty.

My photos have lots of shadows. Autumn is here!


Aunt Kathy said...

That pink yarn is exactly the shade and look I hope to find for the sweater I want to knit myself when I reach my goal weight. It's beautiful. Can you tell me again the name of that yarn...

Fresh Tea : said...

loooove that pink yarn, can't wait to see the finished beret.

Anonymous said...

A bit of Autumnitis hun?
I've had to turn to a notebook for sketching and jotting too. Really helps with clearing a little creative clutter out of my noggin

Heart Felt said...

Very pretty...enjoy the sun while it lasts. xx

lucky knitter said...

I have a note book too! Reverie is going to be great in the color.

sweetp said...

Kathy the pink fluffy one is Naturally Mist 2ply (Im using 2 strands)