Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yarn Swap the Third

So, apparently we are all suckers for a good themed yarn swap and round 3 is currently underway. Thanks to Kelly and Rach for being brave enough to organise yet another round!!

You might remember the earlier swaps I blogged about here and here and here!

The idea is to pick a theme (anything you like!), then put together a swap package that includes some hand dyed yarn, a small gift, a pattern suggestion (to match the yarn and the theme) and a piece of 'paperwork'.

Here is the one I sent for this round:


The Yarn
yarnswapprincess pink1

Colourway "Princess Pink" - 200g of Jet (Alpaca/Wool)
Dyed using Wiltons Terracotta Pink

I LOVE how this turned out and am seriously going to try and replicate some more so I can keep some for myself! My person specifically said they didn't want anything too contrasty so I dyed it with different strength solutions of the same colour to give lovely variations and tones of the same shade. It was very pretty indeed.

princess pink3

My paperwork was Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Princess and the Pea" and I also included a recipe for pea soup and some information (of the useless but kind of interesting sort) about the humble pea.

My pattern suggestion was this felted princess hat (same as I made for N3) but I guess if my swappee didn't want to do a dressup then 200g would make some longies or a jeresy for her baby girl - hopefully she'll find a use for it.

And the gifty part was some sweet pea seeds (which doubles as a big clue as to who was sending it!!!), some sparkly princess fabric and some "pea " stitch markers I made

gifts to go with yarn swapyarnswap1

I think it came together rather well in the end. It is a lot of fun to try and think of a theme that will suit your person and to put the pieces all together. The sort of thing where you wake up at 2am with another brilliant theme idea!

yarnswap sending

The best part for me is knowing that my person liked what they received.

The second best part is eagerly anticipating a parcel of my own!

Ps. Also thanks to Anna who may have helped with the inspiration for this theme xx


Little Grubs said...

Hey sweetp I think this is awesome - your swappee muct have been one very happy lady! The colour of the yarn is divine. I remember being so impressed with your yarn dying when I was in UK that I thought I must have a go once I got here - I guess that'll go on the end of a very lond To Do List! x

Shortly said...

Simply gorgeous! Love the theme, and the yarn looks superb too :)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee - can you imagine how excited I just got when I saw all your gorgeous pea-related swap stuff! I love the stitch markers, and the yarn is SO scrummy! Very jealous indeed of your swappee...

Aunt Kathy said...

Oh I wish I was your swap partner. I LOVE everything about this package, EVERYTHING

Natalie said...

Ohhh! I want some! You are too generous!

Rose Red said...

Oh that is such a great swap package!!! Love the theme and how you carried it all the way through, even to your blog name (me, I'd have to do Snow White and Rose Red...that'd be tops actually!!)

nova_j said...

gorgeous! what a awesome theme idea! :D

Joanne said...

Well done. That yarn ... actually, the whole package, is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely divine!!!!! I just love pink wool. so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Lovr the theme and that wool is to dye for.