Monday, February 2, 2009

A dose of reality


New school bag, new shoes
New year began yesterday
New class, new friends
New beginnings

A dose of reality for Mum


Shortly said...

Ah, but the blissful peace and quiet! DS started a new school yesterday... Surely not grown up enough for Intermediate yet!

Aunt Kathy said...

Well those shoes and the bag go perfect together though, is she excited?

Mama Bird said...

Those are such sweet shoes though!

Yay Mummy for a bit more knitting time too!

Georgie said...

Oh! Already! Back to the routine.... Gorgeous shoes tho!

lucky knitter said...

Awww...summer always goes by too fast. Best wishes for a great school year!

Heart Felt said...

Hope she had a great day. xx

KnitWit said...

Now you'll have time for even more selfish knitting! ;-)