Thursday, February 19, 2009

The best kind of mail is...

Yarny mail of course!

Yesterday I received my themed yarn swap package. (The one I sent is here). My perfectly themed and insanely cool yarn swap package!!

My theme was "Outside Over There" and my very clever yarn fairy managed to put together a package that incorporates both my favourite movie (Labyrinth) and our favourite children's author Maurice Sendak.

My gift was the book 'Outside Over There' which is by Sendak and is also the basis for the movie Labyrinth (you learn something every day!). We already have Where the Wild Things Are and The Night Kitchen (both read a gazillion times and loved by us all) so this is the perfect addition to our library!

The paperwork was the words to "Magic Dance" by David Bowie (youtube link) from the Labyrinth movie... (You remind me of the babe...what babe? babe with the power...what power? power of voodoo...who do? you what? remind me of the babe).

My pattern was the Star Crossed beret (Ravelry download)- which is perfectly 'me' and already way up there on my list for me this autumn

And the yarn. Oh the yarn....

Outside over there


My yarn fairy chose a soft thick/thin spun merino yarn which is deliciously soft and just gorgeous. The unusual texture of the yarn ties in with the quirky nature of Sendak's writing and she dyed it colours from the book - amplifying them , such is my preference for deep and bright colours. You will see what I mean with this pic
Yarn Swap V3

I TOTALLY (and then some) loved the package. I feel really special that the theme was so suited to me and someone took the time to work out something that would be tailored just to me! Love Love Love. Thank you so much yarn fairy!


Rose Red said...

Great package - I love swaps where people put so much effort into theming and/or picking things which are just right for their pal.

Sharonnz said...

So, so gorgeous!!

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow, what a wonderful package... awesome.

KnitWit said...

What an awesome package! I love love LOVE the yarn- gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make out of it. =)

MrPuffy said...

I can totally understand your joy at that package - LOL I would feel the same way - awesome yarn and I luv the hat you are going to make. Just added that to my favorites myself :)

nova_j said...

very cool! your fairy is a very clever cookie :D