Saturday, April 4, 2009

Looking Up (and down)

Inspired by the gorgeous 'looking up' photos at Lily's House , some 'up' shots of my own...

Up in autumn

Autumn is so pretty. We are having the odd cooler day but this day the sky was perfectly blue and picture perfect. The girls and I are finding all sorts of interesting 'treasures' to bring home at the moment...leaves in every colour, acorns and conkers, and other autumny things dropped from trees I'm not sure the names of. I was remembering the autumn shots I blogged almost a whole year ago when we had just arrived back here (gosh that has gone fast!)


Every day we walk UNDER railways lines. Despite thinking that we have worked out the train timetables we haven't yet managed to be near the bridge when a train is going over, hopefully one day we'll time it right. N3 says its 'a little bit freaky' when we go under and I try to pretend I can't see the cobwebs, rust and general decay on the tracks - not a sight for those with overactive imaginations!!

I am so going to try this idea

I also found some interesting things to photograph when looking down, like these plants in gumboots!! Such a great idea , I may have to borrow this one myself!


And inspired by more gorgeous photos, a shadow photo of my own. What it looks like when you have someone who thinks she needs to be 'pulled' all the way home. I love the shape in this one , it looks like she might be pulling ME out of shape, not my jeresy.

I'm almost finished the Robin Hood jacket after managing (phew) to track down another ball of wool. Just the hood to go now so I should be back in a couple of days with a FO post, all going to plan.


Anonymous said...

We're in love with shadows here in our house at the moment. I often forget they are there....but it is so nice to see a toddler's delight at the shadow people following us home!

Jo's Place said...

Love the shadow photo, that's a very cool idea

Anonymous said...

Welly boot gardening - that's a fantastic idea! Canterbury has such beautiful and clearly defined seasons. You've really caught the essence of Autumn in your photos - so lovely!

Bells said...

What a nifty idea for a photo series. Lovely. That show one is my favourite!

Sonia said...

LOVE the shadow picture!
There's an exhibit at MoMA in New York full of snapshots that have the photographer's shadow in them. It took me awhile to pick up on the theme, but once I did it cracked me up!

Aunt Kathy said...

Had a bad day today, I need to be looking UP thanks for the reminder

earnest hemming said...

Love the shadow one! Very cool :-)


At Home Mommy Knits said...

I love the photo with the flowers in the rain boots! Too fun.

amanda said...

I'm so much more aware of seasons since I started blogging. :)
They seem to be over so quickly and it's just so strange to hear you talking about autumn - doesn't seem 2 minutes since I was reading your spring posts!