Saturday, April 25, 2009


Highlights from my day yesterday 25 April - ANZAC Day.

* We rise before dawn and sneak out of the house in the dark. It is so quiet and still, and surprisingly, not that chilly.

* I put on my big black coat that I haven't worn since last winter and find a pair of forgotten about gloves in the pockets. Now I don't have to rush to knit some mittens

* We're late so we run down the road holding hands, our coats flapping behind us in the wind. My legs and lungs are burning, its been a long time since I did any running

* We turn the corner to the sounds of the Army band and in a minute or two we are standing at the back of the crowd. DD asks me if this is a thousand people.Everywhere we look we see red poppies.

* The man talks of war and there are words that sound like another language - artillery, battalion, infantry. I hope my daughters also live their lives not really having an concept of what these words mean. Thankfully DD doesn't ask too many questions and I escape any long winded explanations about the insaneness that is war.

* A plane flies low overhead. A gun salute. The Army band sings their tribute. A lone bugle plays The Last Post. A tear slips off my cheek.


Lest We Forget

* After the service DD and I go to a flash hotel for breakfast. DD enjoys her first ever buffet and fills her plate with much glee. We enjoy having a 'date' together and some quiet time, just the 2 of us.

*I overhear snippets of the conversation at the next table. An elderly gentleman recounts his experiences fighting the Germans in North Africa.

* We leave and later I discover we were only charged for one breakfast not two.

* Back at home we find Dad has everything under control. The baby and I snuggle down under the warm blankets and have a little nap.

* My 2 big girls are so excited to be going for an overnight stay with their auntie they barely remember to kiss their mother goodbye!

* We meet my friend at Playcentre and the first thing she does is compliment me on my new hair cut. We spend the next 2hours rearranging all the centre furniture and toys. We're exhausted but it looks so much better.

* Dad has won his rugby game. We buy a cold beer for Dad and some hot chips for M1. She only wants to eat the ones covered in sauce.

* Later I head out for a night with friends. Dessert, clothes swapping and chatting. I meet some new people and catch up with old friends. A friend kindly gives me her new baby for a cuddle, he's so cute I want to steal him. I cast on for an owlet and I manage to get a couple of inches done while we all sit and talk. We make plans and it sounds like everything will come together nicely.

* I arrive home in the dark and Dad has been entertaining the baby for the last hour. She's so relieved to see me she bursts into tears. As she nurses off to sleep we sit and chat about our respective evenings.

* It's been a long and busy day. I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow


Abby said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. =)

Lynne said...

It's been a long time since I attended a dawn service!

It used to be a very early [and chilly] start to my birthday every year!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

What a sweet recount of your day. Having a father who is a veteran makes war real and thinking of the fallen soldiers always makes me sad.

Miss Smith said...

What a great ANZAC day. The bugle makes me cry, too.

Rose Red said...

I haven't yet been to dawn service for Anzac Day, I must make an effort next year. Except of course I will cry the whole way through, as I do when I watch it or the march on tv.

Sounds like a great productive day.

Bells said...

What a lovely, lovely day. No wonder you fell asleep!!

Mama Bird said...

That sounds like such a special day- love the napping with the baby too! We had sick lil girls so didnt go, hopefully we are all germ free next year so can trot them all down.