Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Progress

Recently I sent a lot of half completed things off to hibernate and yesterday frogged the Lion Neck Cardigan I had started (on account of there being just too many things wrong with it).

So as of now I *only* have 2 things on the go....

Garter Yoke Cardi
from Knit.1 magazine (Rav link) - My next selfish knit and #4 NaKniSweMoDo09 (got talked into signing up, thanks Shortly) is coming along rather nicely. I'm done with the garter yoke and separated for the sleeves and am quietly hopeful I'll get this knocked out within a couple of weeks. So far all is going well and I think it's going to be a very wearable knit.

My garter yoke cardigan

I'm using the Naturally Sensation Merino/Angora that I (and just about every knitter I know) bought in the Knitworld sale in January. It's lovely to work with and has a little bit of haze/halo/fuzz (whats the right word?) so is well suited to this simple design (got to love a one page sweater pattern). I do however wish the yarn came as balls and not skeins....

I wish this yarn came in balls not skeins

The other project I have on the needles are some very cute crocodile gloves for my little crocodile obsessed 3year old. This is the Later Gator pattern from Stitch and Bitch Nation (Rav link) . Still need teeth (and the 2nd glove) but so far they get the seal of approval from N3. They're a touch big for her so hopefully they might do 2 winters. At the moment we're just using the buttons she picked out for eyes, not sure yet if I'll replace them with proper eyes yet or not.

CROCODILE!!Crocodile Gloves

And then what?

Maybe back to my snoozing projects.

Maybe on to something new. I bought the new Interweave Knits magazine (Spring 09) a couple of weeks ago and want to make the Whisper Cardigan. (Rav link) I have SO many things on my to do list but find myself drawn to simple clean lines and things that look "wearable" at the moment.

Kate Davies has released her new Owlet pattern (Rav link) and I may have already bought a copy and it may already have gone straight to the top of the list for M1 - I promise on my honour never to wear my O W L S at the same time though ;)

What are you making at the moment? Or got planned? My queue has room for more great patterns :D


Rose Red said...

Garter cardi is looking great so far - yay! My Rav queue is bursting at the seams - it's really more of a wishlist than a queue, to be honest. But I've got some Felted Tweed burning a hole in my stash, I think a Tangled Yoke cardi might be coming up soon. After I finish the 11 or so wips I've got already!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, welcome to the NaKniSweMoDo darkside! My projects? Still got Slinky Ribs on the needles, needing one arm and then a bit more length. Whisper is in progress too. And Miss A might get the hoodie she needs for winter next - She'll get a choice of Wool Company Watermelon or Sunset :)
Your Garter Yoke Cardi looks yummy. I've still got my skeins calling "CPH, CPH" to me.

Anonymous said...

I nearly brought the IK on Saturday just for the whisper cardy! Still tempted to go back and get it...nom nom :)
Currently I am working on a few broing knits - a pinwheel cardy, a dress, a string bag, but my main focus is on my Gail (aka nightsongs). Just the edging to do blocking later this week....hurrah!

Jennynz said...

ooh I like the Owlet!

nothing very exciting on my needles atm, a pair of longies and a wee lacy scarf for Miss Nearly 3. Kelly's got me drooling over wraps and scarf patterns though, I never thought I'd want to knit one of those but all her lacy shawls make me want to do something similar (but rectangular, not triangular).

Aunt Kathy said...

Love the gloves... now off to check out all those Rav links... this could be a

amanda said...

lol at the matching Owls/Owlets! I have been tempted to knit myself an owls too.

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

oh wow Sweetpea!

Being primarily garden obsessed, I just knit a little bit and forbid myself from having more than one knitting project at any one time. I have abandoned the crazy idea of making 3 ply socks and started making a crossover vest for me with Patons Jet multicolour wool.

nova_j said...

i'm still plowing away on the never-ending swing jacket for my miss (tho it practically counts as a nakniswemodo FO for ME!) and my never-ending tofu socks.. meh.