Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you Louise!!

I was a very lucky SweetP winning a blog-giveaway over at Twenty Cent Mixture. The lovely Louise sent me a handmade clutch and some scrummy organic chocolate. Thank you very much!!

I absolutely love the wee bag and am trying to think of something fabulous to use it for.


Right now Louise is thinking to herself....but I sent her 2 bars of chocolate. Lets just say the day it arrived was one of those days where chocolate was much needed hehe. There was also a gorgeous hand made card from Anemone - gosh there are some super talented crafty peoples here in NZ. Thanks Louise!


Leah said...

Gorgeous fabric :D

Louise said...

Ha ha - I did look at the photo and think "didn't I send two bars?" and then immediately thought well if it was me, the first bar would have disappeared within 10 minutes of it being opened!! So I totally understand!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love that clutch. cluck cluck for the clutch :D

Aunt Kathy said...

That is a nice bag, and ummm chocolate

Little Grubs said...

Oh you lucky, lucky girl! x