Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Lovely Anya from Crazy Crocheter (she calls herself crazy but really she seems very sweet ;) ) gave me this blog award. Awww thanks so much!

I'm going to pass this on now to some Brilliant/Brillante blogs I love. This time blogs not in NZ :)
Have fun checking them out....

Anna at PrincessPea - her blog is always full of beautiful englishness (is that a word?) and her love of all things vintage is quite infectious. She's also a very clever princess having had her very own pattern published in Popknits! A blog where you always feel welcome. I see she's already been tagged for this so she must be very brilliant indeed!

TheKnittyVritti - I love KV's blog - knitting meets pyscho-analysis (or something like that). Check out her fabulous summer of gloves series for some *serious* glove inspiration

- if shoes are your thing then make sure you visit on Tuesday/Shoesday. Fabulous! A lovely knitting blog from over the ditch in Oz.

NevernotKnitting - Alana's knitting is just incredible. Always perfect, always stunning. And she even has her own podcast if listening is your thing :)



Rose Red said...

aww shucks, thanks! Glad you love the shoes!!

Alana said...

Thankyou!!! I so appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm so flattered!

lucky knitter said...

Congratulations, I'm off to check out your recommendations!

kv said...

Feed my narcissism, please. More more, more! (Enough of that, a simple thank you is more gracious...) Thanks, Gabes!