Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Swapping and trading appeals to the "green" me (so this is unlikely to be the last post from me talking about making something for a swap). It's a great feeling to be able to make things for people from stuff I already have on hand and swap them for things I need. I like there's no packaging, no petrol consumed driving to the shops, people use what they have and swap them for things they want - you couldn't ask for lower impact than that really....perfect . I heart handmade!

So my latest FO is a pair of gloves for Viv. She took a fancy to the ones I made for my sister so I made her a pair of Evangeline gloves (Ravelry download) using left over Bendigo Rustic 12ply (Red Tweed) from my CPH. I wasn't sure the cable pattern would suit this chunkier and slightly tweedy yarn but actually it came up rather well.


They are super duper warm so Viv, I hope they do a good job keeping your hands warm at your kids hockey games :)

This yarn is really lovely to knit. I know I said that before when I was blogging about my hoodie but it really is quite gorgeous. I knit these on 4mm so a lot smaller than recommended but gosh that tight gauge looks nice.


I have to confess , if it wasn't obvious already, that the photos are a bit rushed - trying to make the most of the last of the daylight after school while M6 can help me take the photos. My camera battery was threatening to die and someone else kept "helping" wanting one the same!!


And this is what I was swapping for....


The cutest little leather shoes for M1nextweek. Oh my word these are some very cute shoes and so expertly made!! And absolutely so perfect as she has this lovely habit of pulling off her socks at the moment and its really not the type of weather you want your baby to be barefoot in! These shoes she can't get off and they will keep her feet nice and warm. Aren't they just lovely?

And as I promised Viv here are some shots of her wearing them (they fit perfectly!)

I think these wee slippers are my favourite. Can't even begin to describe how soft they are. N2 keeps picking them up to rub on her cheek lol.

Thanks so much Viv!! Check your letterbox in a few days time :)


highwaycottage said...

They are so Awesome. I'm stoked!!!!! I'll be hounding the postie every day till they come :-)

The shoes look like a great fit. So glad.

Thanks for the fab swap.

Anonymous said...

Awww, you both did a great job! That BWM Rustic looks great in the Evangeline :)

Jennynz said...

Love the gloves, just gorgeous! And the slippers are so cute! And I love love love the pic of little hands :o)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

The gloves are beautiful. I am hopefully going to cast on for my first pair soon. The booties....LOVE THEM!! I have purchased some similar because they are fantastic for little feet and especially beginner walkers. How did she make them?

Aunt Kathy said...

Those booties are great. What a great trade off

sue said...

Those mitts look wonderful and I love the Bendigo yarns. What a wonderful swap too, those booties and slippers are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh they look perfect in that wool Gabes. You have inspired me to do some swaps i think. Off to see what's on the swap thread.

Oh and Viv, awesome booties!

flea said...

very nice :D

Anonymous said...

I love those gloves, I am hoping to make myself some eventually. The slippers are gorgeous, well done you two!
And M1next week, yikes thats gone way way too fast :)

Julie said...

What a great swap, love the gloves and the booties are gorgeous, handmade stuff rocks....X

amanda said...

I love how the tight gauge has made the cables really pop on these! And good on you for using what you have. They're a real success!

Anonymous said...

What cute shoes. I'm knitting Evangeline now too because I thought yours looked so fantastic