Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Have you got a Craft Fetish?


New Zealand's Premier Online Crafting Community is now open!

I know how much time and effort went into the development of this site - well done J!!! It looks amazing. This is just what we need here - the site has both a crafty forum and an online market store. And I imagine that once word gets out this will be very popular indeed and hopefully a esty-ish NZ equivalent.

I'm selling some teeshirts and may list some other bits and pieces as time allows. I'm not doing my usual sets just at the moment because I have all my current stock listed at Tweedle and am still filling current orders....like this one....


Ive already had my first CF sale so that was very exciting.It's great to have a place to feature your handmade items. I love it's not an auction site and that its a market dedicated to the handmade. Lovely


Aunt Kathy said...

Those are just the cutest thing. I love them.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Love those heart longies Gabes.

amanda said...

Oh the cuteness that is hearts on your babies bottom and frills on their legs!

Louise said...

Thanks for the tip about the site. Last time I looked it wasn't live yet.

Love those longies!