Thursday, July 3, 2008

Swappity Swap

Swaps are *alot* of fun.

Recently a friend inherited her grandmother's knitting cotton collection and she's not a knitter. So she sent me a big parcel...

Lots and lots of cotton. There is quite a few balls of miscellaneous cotton destined for dishcloths and 6 x 75g of a 12ply white cotton which I'm thinking is enough to make something a little more significant, perhaps next summer.

In exchange for this cotton stash bonanza I am knitting her a few dishcloths in return
3x Grandmother's favourite. SUCH an easy pattern and knits up quickly. This would be a really great pattern for a beginner knitter wanting to do something other than just knit&purl (there are yo's and K2tog). I like how its knit on the diagonal for a change and its garter ridges should make scrubbing dishes a breeze.

Cutie cutie baby's feet cloth. The picture ones are fun to knit. I think this one would be nice in something soft like bamboo as a new baby gift.

I'm working on another one with a word on it , using letters from Picture Knits - my intarsia best friend.

I know some people are ambivalent about dishcloth knitting. Me...I like them. I like to knit them - they are fast, the design ones are fun and they are good if you just want something mindless in between those bigger projects. I also like using them on my dishes and we haven't bought washing up cloths of any kind for months and months now. I gave my aunt and mother one each at xmas time - they both decided they were too pretty for the sink and use them as wash cloths instead.

I've just signed up for another organised swap. This one is about hand dyed's going to be very fun. Here's what we have to put together

This is a themed yarn swap.

What this means is that you will need to pick a theme that you wish to build your swap package around. Your theme can be anything - a song, colour, emotion, book, quote, pattern, an era, country - whatever inspires you at that particular time.

Now, you've picked your theme, you need to put together your swap package.
Your package must have:
* 100g hand-dyed yarn
* 1 piece of knitting paraphernalia
* A pattern suggestion that will suit not only the yarn, but the theme as well!
* A recipe
* Something SMALL (i.e, a small gift. So if it is something knit must use less than 50g yarn, if sewn something using less than 1/2m fabric, if purchased something less than $10)

Cool eh? Brain child of the very clever kb. I'm in 2 times for this one so will have to get my thinking cap on


highwaycottage said...

I love the footprints dish coth bought 3 and i love them. Now I'm going to have a go at knitting some.

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow all that cotton, I'd love to have gotten that package. NICE cloths too.

Enjoy that swap it sounds like a fun one