Monday, June 29, 2009

June is Finished

So June finishes today (ignore the blogger timestamp it really is Tues here). How did you go on getting your WiPs finished during June is for Finishing?

I am feeling pretty good about my achievements for the month.

I did finally finish my clapotis

I did finally make the Oriental Lily for M (and N) I'd been meaning to make for a whole year

I did also make DH something with the wool I bought him last winter. In the end the scarf became a hat, a design of my own. Unfortunately since its winter and DH is leaving in the dark and getting home in the dark I still havent managed to grab a photo of it yet. Must remember to do it this weekend. I'm aiming on writing up the pattern too so if theres anyone who would like to test the pattern (mens cabled beanie in chunky wool 13st/10cm) then please flick me an email. I'm hoping that pattern writing will be my school holidays project (which can't come soon enough at the end of this week).

Unfortunately the biggest UFO of them all, M's blanket, remains unfinished. Mainly due to children + yarn + black hole. (yarn found in child's clothes drawer in case you're missing a ball of yarn too). I am working on it though which is progress indeed and have so far knit 1/4 of the edging. I want to give it to her for her birthday in August so am pretty confident I'll have it done by then.

The other thing I'm working on is my Buttercup top (Ravelry link)

I'm about halfway through and so far its looking like it will fit. The colour here is not right - think brick red. I was taking ages to decide what to use the yarn for and in the end it was the lovely top that Stitchywitch made that made the decision for me. I forsee a Gathered Pullover in the not too distant future as well (I may even have been yarn shopping!)

So I feel like I should have more to show you for nearly 2 weeks of blog absence! But theres been lots of life stuff, busy kid stuff, absent husband stuff (and exhausted me) and not as much knitting as usual. I am also way behind with my blog reading so if you've finished some Wips for June is for Finishing then leave me a comment so I can make sure I check. Here are some great projects that you can check out...

Abi's beautiful and epic crochet blanket

Mazzy's The Soaker that never ends

Shortly's Fargyles are Finished

Hopefully you won't be waiting quite so long for my next update :D


Kristen said...

You've done well, I haven't finished anything...I just keep CO lol.

Buttercup is looking great, Im also keen to knit the gathered pullover.

Anonymous said...

Been missing your ramblings hun!
Congrats on getting most of the stuff for June you wanted done :)
Me - I finished the dasterdly "rainbow bird" (on my blog), and a Kaia babydoll that had been languishing around for a while. I also managed a whole heap of new stuff in the month of June....but that doesn't count - cos it wasn't a WIP prior to the start of the month wink

Jo's Place said...

You certainly have had a good month Gabes, but I don't want to believe that June is over, this month has just flown by. I've had a pretty good month with knitting as well. Finally getting some speed up, although no where near your turbo needles LOL

I'm keen to test the pattern for you if you want a beginner to give it ago. Just let me know :)

Missed your ramblings this month too :)

sweetp said...

I hope you two mean ramblings in the nicest possible way heh

Fresh Tea : said...

well done getting all that knitting finished. i am a bad bad girl, i keep casting on new projects before finishing a now growing pile of ufo's!

Heart Felt said...

You have been busy - well done, it all looks so lovely. xx

Rose Red said...

Heh, this month I finished 3 things and cast on 7 I'm pretty much in the red. As I always am!!

Love your red buttercup - such a great pattern.

Anna said...

Gosh, you did really well on all your finishing! The buttercup top is a great choice - hope you're not too exhausted to enjoy making it!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Well, I think you have had a very successful time in June finishing projects!

They are all beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing your Buttercup :)

little grubs said...

You've finished some beautiful things! And thanks for the motivation to get some things finished - still some things I've not photographed to post but I really was working towards the end of June with my things - what happens now? I just start a whole load of new things and not finish any!!!! Looking forawrd to seeing the blanket finished - Maia's birthday's at the beginning of September and I have a vague idea for a quilt - here's hoping. xx

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Very successful June. Why is it so hard to finish things sometimes :)? Looking forward to seeing what you work on in July.

Anonymous said...

Wow you got a lot finished! I managed another half of a project in June, but I'll claim what I can. Pics should be up soon.
I too have been checking in to see if you've posted yet, but I can't complain given my tardy blogging habits lately :) Can't wait to see the finished buttercup.