Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When good knits go bad

We've just had a long weekend with a teacher only day tacked on the end meaning a 4 day weekend! We went down to stay with my Mum and while I'd like to say we spent it doing fun things, the reality is that the weather was awful and the kids were still sick and we really just hung around inside keeping warm. I got quite a bit of knitting done and had a plan only to bring some unfinished things to finally get off the needles.

Right now I'd like to be showing you my finished CLAPOTIS!! Yes, finally I bit the bullet and spent a couple of days concentrating on just getting it finished, tedium though it may be. It's looking lovely, its very big and my "blankie clappy" is going to be just lovely to snuggle under.

Except I ran out of yarn. With only a couple of repeats to go on the small triangle end part. So now I have to hope Mum can once again come to the rescue and find me some more of the discontinued yarn. Sigh.

I also finished my next NaKniSweMoDo09 sweater - a lovely snuggly alpaca/wool boxy style jacket. Amongst several other 'issues' its ridiculously short and so I can't show you that either until I carry out some extreme frankenblocking. And even then I'm not sure that I really should have picked something short and boxy with no waist shaping - theres a good chance I'll end up looking like a big pink blob (albeit a warm and snuggly big pink blob). Sigh Sigh Sigh.

Really I've had quite a good run lately, of making things that have turned out to plan and probably it was about time that there was an 'ugh' in there somewhere. I wouldn't want you all to think that this was one of those knitting blogs where nothing ever goes wrong and it's all finished objects and "I'm so pleased how this turned out" because we all know the 'real' knitting world just isn't like that. It certainly isn't around here either.

So with those two projects out of the way I found myself with NOTHING to get on with. Nothing lined up, no yarn stashed for the next sweater for me, nothing on my Ravelry notebook. Gasp!

I decided that in the absence of any 'must make this right now' type projects I would make June the month to finish off my UFO's and tidy up anything thats hiding away in time out. And so June's plan looks something like this:

1. Finish off my Fargyle sock

2. Finish M's blanket that I was going to finish last winter but never got around to

3. Make M the Oriental Lily dress I was going to make her last winter but never got around to

4. Make DH the scarf that I was going to make him last winter but never got around to

(hmm possibly a theme there)

If you've got lots of UFO's sulking in a dark corner somewhere then come and join me in "June is for Finishing" - leave me a comment so I can come and check out how you get on.

Hopefully I'll be back in a day or two with something finished!


Fresh Tea : said...

Hi Gabes, can you please send me a quick e-mail with your address so I can post your goodies.
Well done getting all the ufo's under control, I have too many to count!

tikki said...

*groan* i really really should join you. I have a vest here that's been hibernating for near on two years. I really feel the need to cast on something new and different right now, but I am going to resist.

Bells said...

Oh I was waiting for the post which would tell why the holiday was from hell. Sounds ghastly! Although getting a fair bit of knitting done must feel like some compensation.

I also have a scarf for my hubby planned that I have had the wool for for some time and he's starting to get antsy. I also have wips I want done so I'll join you!

Anonymous said...

Good idea chickee!

Anonymous said...

I will join you in the June is for finishing!

I saw your post title and braced myself for the worst. Oh Noes! Is all I can come up with.

Good luck, I'm sure your good luck will return. :)

Rose Red said...

Hope you can get the yarn for your clappy - I ran out of yarn for mine too, but only a few rows from the end - so I just cast off a bit early!! You can't even notice it when I'm wearing it!

I'll join you in June is for finishing. I hope it's ok to start new things too though - because I just did, yesterday AND today (sigh!)

Kimberlee and Lies said...

hooray for finishing that clapotis (falling out of yarn counts as finished for sure)! cool idea that 'j is for f'... I am hesitantly joining, I'll try and finish little projects then! x lies

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Sounds like you definiely found your knitting mojo.

So nice to go hang out with your mom and just veg while the kids recouperate isn't it? That's what I do when I get the chance :) Can't wait to see your FO's.

Miss Smith said...

I am so inpsired by "June is for finishing", and may I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling us about the things that don't go to plan. It is very encouraging that everyone has hits and misses. I will happily join in on "Finishing June" and will report back on progress of my curtains and my A-line skirt.
Oh! And thanks for the tip about the magic loop, I think that looks much more like my cup of tea.