Monday, January 5, 2009

Summer Holiday

Its nice not having to wake at a certain time, make lunchboxes, rush out the door, break up afternoon play to do the school pick up, make tea at a certain time so bedtime can happen at a certain time, keep an eye on my diary for who needs to be where and when this week. I'm in full on relax mode. I also have my DH home to help out so I am making the most of his vacuuming and cleaning up skills ;)

I wish summer would last forever.

Yesterday I took DD1 to High School Musical 3 at the movies (yes I love her that much). It wasn't too bad actually. It has been so long since I went to the movies, the price seems to have escalated as much as petrol (!) so it was lucky we picked the discount day to go. Next week I am planning a movie trip on my own to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Bells says its quite good and I personally think you can't go wrong with Cate Blanchett (and Brad of course, who I think is much more my lead man type than Zac Effron).


We also went to the LYS sale where I picked up a sweaters worth of Naturally Sensation - merino/angora. The only colour that was discounted ($4 instead of $10.50) was navy so lucky thats a colour I would wear and do like. Navy didn't sound that interesting when I read it on the flier but its actually got quite a deep purple tone to it (its a bit darker than the pic) which I really like so I'm feeling happy that I have my next selfish knit half sorted. Now to pick the pattern....


Lucky me got Custom Knits for Christmas (thanks Mum!). I'm currently thinking the Sensation will become Jane although Old Classic is a close runner up at this point (both of those links are to the Ravelry page). I think they both look quite wearable. Old Classic would involve me buying 3 more skeins for the colourwork though and since I already blew my nonexistent yarn budget I think I'll probably stick with Jane which only needs a ribbon.

The book is great, a lot of the patterns are something I could see myself making, or modify to make suit (and there are tons of instructions on how to do this). Once you get past the styling (most of the photos depict the knitwear worn either with swimwear or underwear) of course. I'm also very keen to try the duct tape dress form!!

Also for Christmas DH bought me this CD which I am loving alot. I have found it hard to listen to music since the children arrived but this year I'm going to try and make more effort to enjoy music as part of my every day instead of those rare times I am home alone and remember to put something on. My song of the summer is this one (and she is a kiwi too).

Hmmm, this blog post has turned into a post about everything under the sun...On with the randomnesss.....I bought new shoes! Some people blog about their shoes on a regular basis (and if I had a collection like that I would too!) but since this brings my wearable-in-public shoe count to *one* this will probably be the one and only time I ever mention footwear here! Sadly, so sadly, I had to say goodbye to my gorgeous summer sandals which I wore almost daily when we lived up north. They were the best but since I wore right through the sole it was time to say goodbye :( The replacements are super duper comfy, not quite as funky or colourful, but they will do.

Goodbye Old Shoes

Goodbye old shoes

Hello New Shoes

Hello New Shoes

Great to have some new summery shoes!

Final piece of randomness from me today......Summer wouldn't be summer without the odd thunderstorm and torrential downpour now would it (and there was hail too) . Normally I am struggling to take photographs in the daytime at the moment as the bright summer sun is washing out all the colours. This one was taken just after lunch! It was so dark we had all the house lights on.
Spectacular !!!- the kids loved it (although the smallest one , and the cat, were a little scared by all the noise)
Thunder storm Jan09


Rose Red said...

I'm always so sad to say bye-bye to a beloved pair of old faithful shoes! But hey, if it means new shoes, then woo-hoo!

I'm glad you've chosen Jane. Not only because that's my name. But mainly! I think it's a great book too (shame about the styling). I really like the instructions in the back for making your own top-down or bottom-up seamless garment - excellent!

I love the summer storm too!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I have the custom knits book as well and love the patterns. Looking forward to seeing how your knit turns out!

Have a lovely summer break.

Sharonnz said...

All about the Kings at our place atm too.

Bells said...

Oh I love the toe on the newbie shoes. Is it comfortable? I mean they look comfortable, but does the toe bit take a bit of getting used to?

I wish we'd get a storm RIGHT now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! It sounds like the kind of stream-of-consciousness only achieved by a really relaxed person!

I like both those patterns you picked, but the only thing I wasn't too keen on was how the ribbon was placed right over the girls on some of the Ravelry projects I saw. Love the navy though!

Caffeine Faerie said...

I got that naturally merino/angora in grape. It looks like lovely stuff, doesn't it?

Also, I love the shoes and I completely agree on thunderstorms.

Good to hear you sounding so relaxed. :)

Neala said...

I love love love! that song! And we're going through a series of thundery thunderstorms here too.