Friday, January 2, 2009

2008: the knitting that was

I wasn't going to do a recap on 08 but there are some lovely blog posts at the moment with 08 knitting and I got many things *did* I make?

Wanna take a guess??

I'm not entirely sure.....but theres 96 something FO's in my 2008 flickr folder (I know theres a few thing missing in there) and on Ravelry when I subtract the yarn swaps and things that ended up in the frogpond I also get about 96 (!!!)


Granted...ALOT of baby things, hats, mittens and other small things that don't take long. I suspect 09 will look something different if I manage to do all the ME knitting I plan !!

So what did I make?

Everything! From dishcloths

To Toys
Sean the Sheep 2

And Gloves

And Hats

Lots and lots of baby knits

I even had a go at pattern designing. Simple though they are :D

And knitting for me. Sweaters even! More of this in 09 I hope

February Lady Sweater

Central Park Hoodie


Looks as though 08 was a productive year indeed. I'm hoping 09 will be the same.

I am hoping my recap at the end of 09 will see many more sweaters for me. I am also planning a beret , some mittens and some fingerless gloves (for me, me and me). I also want to knit some lace and some sort of dressy type scarf (for me). I am hoping I'll get Cherry done reasonably quickly and manage to squeeze in a lacy tank or cami before the end of summer also. It won't be 100% about me as I do have a couple of quick swaps to do and a couple of things I'd like to do for M1 (some longies and an oriental dress) plus for DH I'd like to do the scarf he never got last winter and some thick man socks. Oh yes, speaking of socks I have sock yarn now and a million sock patterns I'd like to try, so hopefully 09 will also be the year I knit myself socks in sock yarn on sock needles!! Thats the plan anyway :) Let's see how it pans out. I hope you'll stick around for the ride xx


Bells said...

96!!!! Holy moly. Well done. Great output!

I just made thick manly socks from Patons Jet - the Thuja pattern from knitty - can't recommend it enough for that sort of sock!

Aunt Kathy said...

Wow 96!!! That's almost 2 a week. AWESOME. I have no clue what I did , but I am gonna keep track this year for sure, I hope. LOL

KnitWit said...

I love love love the Odessa hat! And what pattern is that sweet little lamb (I think it's a lamb, anyhow)?

sweetp said...

The lamb is here

:D Very easy and lovely cute product

nova_j said...

my goodness! i've done more like 9 ;)

i love the lamb & mini-M's cardi.. that would be ok for a boy in suitable yarn wouldn't it?! please say yes!! lol.. *off to stalk your rav projects*

Anonymous said...

96!!! Nearly 2 a week!
Still love those bees...and the CPH. I got one in a nearly identical colour from my mum for Christmas.

Rose Red said...

wow!! I thought I was doing well with 46 (I think it's 46) - but you have done twice as much, and big things too!! You must be a knitting speed demon!!

Fresh Tea : said...

96! wow that's incredible, when do you sleep?

villapeikko said...

Wow! You sure did have a productive year! And they're all so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Good grief - 96??!!?! I look forward to seeing what comes off your needles this year!